Yixing Teapots
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  1. Bai Yu Duan Clay Xishi Teapot - Yixing Teapot with Landscape Art 250ml
  2. Small Yixing Teapot, Yellow Duanni Clay 140ml
  3. Yixing Tea Set with Pitcher & 2 Cups in Gift Box, Dou Qing Clay
  4. Shi Piao Teapot, 30 Year Aged Duan Ni Clay, Dragon Kiln Fired 200ml
  5. Watermelon Yixing Teapot & 2 Tea Cups Set 160ml
  6. Shi Piao Teapot - High Profile, 30 Year Aged Duan Ni Clay, Traditional Kiln Fired 210ml
  7. Da Hong Pao Clay Teapot - Small Yixing Teapot 140 ml (4.7 oz)
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  8. Wuhui Heini Black Dragon Egg Yixing Teapot - Long Dan Zisha Tea Pot 220ml
  9. Baby Toad Tea Pet – Tea Pet Frog
  10. Lazy Dog Tea Pet
  11. Lazy Pig Tea Pet
  12. ‘Gong Chun’ Yixing Teapot, Small Da Hong Pao Clay Teapot 150ml
  13. Yixing Shi Piao Hu Teapot Set with 4 Cups - Hei Jin Sha Clay Teapot 220ml
  14. Da Hong Pao Clay Teapot - Fang Gu Hu by Artist Wang 200 ml (6.7 oz)
  15. Di Cao Qing Clay Yixing Teapot - Jing Lan Hu by Wu Hong Cai 270 ml (9 oz)
  16. Small Yixing Teapot 'Gong Deng Hu ' - Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni Clay Teapot 110 ml
  17. Dragon Yixing Teapot - Dark Green Clay (Mo Lu Ni) Zisha Teapot 300 ml
  18. Zhu Ni Clay Yixing Teapot, Bamboo Style Zhu Jie Hu 260 ml (8.8 oz)
  19. Pumpkin Yixing Teapot, Zi Ni & Zhu Ni Clay - Nan Gua Hu 230ml
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  20. Large Yixing Tea Mug with Strainer 'Gathering Fortune' 450ml / 15.2oz
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 31

Set Descending Direction

Handmade Authentic Yixing Teapots

Discover our handmade Yixing pottery and ceramics including teapots, mugs, cups, tea pets and more. All handmade from authentic Yixing zisha clay to improve your tea experience. Watch the video below to see how Yixing clay teapots are fully made by hand:

Where To Buy Authentic Yixing Teapots Online?

There are many places where you can buy Yixing teapots. You can check on Google maps whether there are specialized sellers or browse online stores, like Teasenz.com. Our collection of pots are curated by professionals with years of experience judging zisha teapots. At Teasenz, we work directly with individual artists or studios, so that we can offer their teapots at the best prices. 

The size of Yixing teapots

Yixing teapots are generally smaller than regular teapots with sizes ranging from just 60ml to 400ml. Teapots below 200ml are great for 1-2 person use, while above 200ml are suitable for larger groups. You may wonder: "How can such a small teapot be practical?" The fact is, Chinese tea is mostly brewed in a traditional 'gongfu' manner. When preparing tea in such a way, more tea is brewed with less water, applying very short infusions. The sames leaves can be resteeped for up to 14 times. To match such practice, smaller teapots and cups are used for traditional tea ceremonies.

Yixing Teapot Shapes

Zisha teapots come in many different shapes. Popular shapes include Xishi, Shui Ping, and Shi Piao. But don't let popularity cloud your judgement. Go for a zisha teapot that you personally love the most.

What is Yixing?

Yixing, also known as zisha, is a type of clay from Jiangsu province in China, commonly used to produce teaware such as: teapots, gaiwans, cups, mugs, tumblers and tea pets. Yixing zisha is written as 宜兴紫砂 in Chinese. The Chinese pin yin it’s written as: yíxìng zǐshā. How to pronounce Yixing? We think this is the closest we can get: ‘e-hsin’

What does Yixing/Zisha mean?

The name of this clay refers to the city of Yixing in the Southern part of Jiangsu province. The city is famous for it’s high population of Yixing teapot artists. The highest skilled artists make a living by creating a small amount of teapots per week fully by hand to sell for a fortune, while some rely on machines to mass produce. At Teasenz, we aim to team up with artists that offer great value for money. Together with them we offer you semi-handmade pots that are carefully finished and polished by hand. At the same time, the raw materials are tested by our zisha experts for authenticity.

Do you offer old/antique yixing teapots? This is a frequent question that we often receive. Unfortunately, we don’t deal in antique Yixing teapots. Dealing in old yixing teapots require a lot of knowledge, including the skill to verify the year of production. We don’t have such skill set in house and thus we aren’t comfortable with providing antique zisha pots.

Yixing Zisha teapot marks

Our teapots come with marks that refer to the artist who made them. Generally marks are stamped on the bottom of the teapot, the inside of it, and on the lid. Sometimes you'll also see a mark on the handle. For most of our teapots, a certificate of authenticity of the artist is included. We're often asked to identify a mark or our users are asking for a Modern Chinese Pottery marks list. The truth is there are tens of thousands of Yixing artists in China, and such a list simply doesn't exist.

Antique Yixing Teapots: How To Tell The Age?

We often receive emails in which the owner of a pot asks to identify the antique zisha teapot and estimate the age. The honest truth is, that it's very hard to estimate the age just based on pictures. What we can do it sell you whether or not they're well-made and high quality. If you're interested to hear our judgement on a pot you own, feel free to email us.

Yixing teapot museum & teapots history

Zisha was mined for the first time during the Song Dynasty, near the Tai Hu Lake. If you happen to be near Yixing, we highly recommend to visit the Yixing teapot museum to get to know more about the history.