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Yixing Teapots for Sale

Discover our Yixing pottery and ceramics including teapots, mugs, cups, tea pets and more. All made from Yixing zisha clay to improve your tea experience. Watch the video below to see how Yixing clay teapots are fully made by hand:

What is Yixing?

Yixing, also known as zisha, is a type of clay from Jiangsu province in China, commonly used to produce teaware such as: teapots, gaiwans, cups, mugs, tumblers and tea pets. Yixing zisha is written as 宜兴紫砂 in Chinese. The Chinese pin yin it’s written as: yíxìng zǐshā. How to pronounce Yixing? We think this is the closest we can get: ‘e-hsin’

What does Yixing mean?

The name of this clay refers to the city of Yixing in the Southern part of Jiangsu province. The city is famous for it’s high population of Yixing teapot artists. The highest skilled artists make a living by creating a small amount of teapots per week fully by hand to sell for a fortune, while some rely on machines to mass produce. At Teasenz, we aim to team up with artists that offer great value for money. Together with them we offer you semi-handmade pots that are carefully finished and polished by hand. At the same time, the raw materials are tested by our zisha experts for authenticity.

Do you offer old/antique yixing teapots? This is a frequent question that we often receive. Unfortunately, we don’t deal in antique Yixing teapots. Dealing in old yixing teapots require a lot of knowledge, including the skill to verify the year of production. We don’t have such skill set in house and thus we aren’t comfortable with providing antique zisha pots.

Yixing teapot museum & teapots history

Zisha was mined for the first time during the Song Dynasty, near the Tai Hu Lake. If you happen to be near Yixing, we highly recommend to visit the Yixing teapot museum to get to know more about the history.