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Toucha Tea

On this page, you can find all our toucha teas which are curated by our pu erh experts. There are hundreds of different kinds of tuocha available in China. There are raw and ripe tuocha from different factories, each having their unique recipes. Moreover, the difference of each year’s harvest, storage conditions, and the aging of tuocha throughout the years can result in unique flavours. Hence, it’s always challenging to buy the right tuocha. Our tea masters have pre-selected the greatest tasting and best value tuocha, so you don’t have to. So buy the best tuocha online at Teasenz.com with great peace of mind.

Tuocha Meaning

The term ‘Tuocha’ refers to a special kind of shape of compressed pu erh tea. The classic tuocha is compressed dome-shaped form, as you can see in the teas above. However, often times, teas compressed in a mushroom or pumpkin shape are also called tuocha. The term is often used for any other shape that’s not consider a ‘bing’ (cake), 'zhuan' (brick) or cylinder shape. Also many ‘mini teas’ in any kind of shape, are often called ‘mini tuocha’.

Teas that are called tuocha generally have the following in common. One, they often do not weigh more than 250g. Two, they are often more tightly compressed than regular pu erh cakes.

Xiaguan Tuocha

The most well-known tuocha brand is Xiaguan. In fact, ‘tuocha’ in their official name: 'The Xiaguan Tuocha Group'. It invented the tuocha shape in 1902 and was also the first to launch a mushroom shaped tuocha in the 50s.

Here’s a page which describes the Xiaguan’s history in detail.

If you are also interested in Xiaguan cakes and bricks, you may find all available Xiaguan teas here.

Toucha Yunnan Tea Preparation

Most tuocha teas are made in Yunnan province. The reason is simple: the raw material for tuocha is pu erh tea leaves, and these are made in Yunnan.

When you prepare tuocha tea, you definitely need a tea knife. Unlike tea cakes, which are sometimes loosely compressed, tuochas are always tightly compressed. Once you've managed to pry a chunk of tuocha off, you can start brewing similar to any kind of pu erh. If you are used to rinsing teas, please keep in mind the rinsing time for tuocha should be slightly longer due to its tight compression.

Tuocha Benefits & Caffeine

When you drink tuocha you enjoy all the health benefits that pu erh tea has. Be aware, there also made be side effects if you drink it on an empty stomach or overly sensitive to caffeine. You can find the best article to learn more about this topic on Puerhtea.eu: Pu Erh Tea Benefits & Side Effects.