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  1. Tea Mascot - Lion Dragon Tea Pet
  2. Rhino Tea Pet, Handmade Green Zisha Clay Rhinoceros Tea Pet
  3. Auspicious Elephant Yixing Teapet - Chinese Lucky Teapet
  4. Lazy Dog Tea Pet
    Lazy Dog Tea Pet
    Special Price US$15.95 Regular Price US$17.95
  5. Zen Monk Tea Pet - Buddha Master Yixing Clay Figurine
  6. Lucky Frog Tea Pet - Yixing Fortune Toad Tea Pet
  7. Lazy Pig Tea Pet
  8. Tiger Tea Pet
  9. Turtle Tea Pet - Auspicious Turtle Clay Figure
    Turtle Tea Pet - Auspicious Turtle Clay Figure
    Special Price US$11.50 Regular Price US$13.95
  10. Cat Tea Pet - Lucky Cat Clay Figure
    Cat Tea Pet - Lucky Cat Clay Figure
    Special Price US$18.80 Regular Price US$20.95
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10 Items

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Traditional Tea Pet Store

Buy tea pets in our online tea store including lucky frogs, dragons, mythical beasts and monks! We're recently also added a dog, cat, fox, turtle, elephant and rhino tea pet to our collection!

What is a tea pet?

A tea pet is a traditional craft from China, which is usually made from yixing clay (also known as 'zisha') and ceramic. It's a tea lover's practice in China to nourish the tea pets by rinsing them with tea liquor. This is a part of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and that's why they are usually placed on tea trays when one is making tea.

How to nourish a yixing tea pet?

  • Pu erh tea is often considered the most suitable for raising a tea pet. This does NOT mean other tea types such as black, green and oolong tea are unsuitable. However, you should consistently use one tea type when taking care of the pet.
  • Pour regularly tea liquor on the pet. Don't use plain water! Over time your tea pet will slowly develop a scent of the tea that you drink.
  • Clean your tea pet with a soft brush and rub it with a soft cloth. When you do this, the pet the hand-feel of the pet will slowly change from rough to smooth and it will become shiny.
  • The above is the most natural way to raise a pet. However, a shortcut is to leave your pet for a 2-4 days in tea liquor to obtain faster effect. However, like many things in life, there are no shortcuts to perfection. If you consider this approach, raising a tea pet probably isn't something for you.

Why raise a Chinese tea pet?

Chinese tea pets comes in many shapes such as mythical beasts, saints and Buddhas. They symbolize luck and fortune and this is one reason why tea lovers raise them. Besides this, yixing tea pets (like yixing tea pots) also slowly increase in price over time well they are well taken care of.

Improving your luck and making money, however, is usually not the reason why tea lover have pets. The main reason is that raising a tea pet is a meditative practice and a form of art that is part of the whole traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Imagine whenever you drink tea you involve your pet, it will slowly develop a scent of your favorite tea. And as you involve your pet in your daily tea practice, it will slowly become a part of you. Curious? Get a tea pet yourself and give it a try!