Tiger Tea Pet

Tiger Tea Pet


This tiger tea pet is 100% handcrafted from Duan Ni clay, complimented by hand painting with attention to the smallest details. It’s playful, cute and it’s vibrant colours will always bring you in the mood to start your tea session.

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Tiger Tea Pet: honour & power

Tigers are associated with courage, willpower and personal strength. In China, the tiger is also the 3rd zodiac sign and associated with honour and power.

The popularity of tigers is often expressed in Chinese folk art. They appear in sculptures, ceramics, embroidery & red paper cuttings.

Tigers are also printed sometimes on gold and silver. In some parts of China, kids wear tiger themed hats and shoes to keep evil spirits away.

More Information
More Information
Material duan ni yixing clay
Measures approx. 8x5.5x4cm (3.2x2.2x1.6 in)
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