Once upon a time...


...a tree leaf fell in a cup of water and changed its flavor: tea was born. After its discovery, the tea culture flourished in China and spread all over the world. Very soon tea has become the second most consumed beverage internationally, right after water.

To us, Chinese tea is the most beautiful product that exists, due to its pure simplicity. Teasenz is founded by a group of overseas Chinese, who lived and studied abroad, but were not able to find tea they're used. If you like authentic tea, you shouldn't settle with lower quality either. Teasenz is the bridge between Chinese tea growers and business such as restaurants, cafes and hotels who want to present the best to their customers, as well as real tea enthusiasts.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to tell the world about Authentic tea and its fascinating culture. Tea used to be sipped slowly and appreciated for its diversity of flavors that differs every year and through season. The natural conditions of its origin and the processing method applied allow tea lovers to enjoy a limitless amount of flavors.

So what happened? People nowadays expect tea to be easily prepared and consumed quickly. And why does a tea bag always taste the same? Our goal is to tell the world about the beauty and diversity of authentic tea and its culture. The world of tea is a fascinating place to explore, and we welcome you to join us on our journey of tea..

Our vision

What's so mysterious about tea is that it connects tea drinkers sharing a pot of tea. We envision a world in which tea creates the opportunity to make more tea friends (Cha You - 茶友). And we extend this believe to how we interact with our Chinese tea growers and you. We're open to any questions you have about our product and/or service, and you'll never get a standardized email from us. We'll respond to you in the spirit of tea.