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  1. Blue & White Porcelain Cat Tea Cup, Hand Painted 40ml
  2. Hand-Drawn Porcelain ‘Lotus Pond’ Tea Tasting Cup, Crackle Glaze 125ml
  3. Hand-Painted Porcelain ‘Lotus Pond’ Dou Li Cup, Crackle Glaze 90ml
  4. Ceramic ‘Noble Crane’ Yu Lan Gongfu Tea Tasting Cups 70ml
    Ceramic ‘Noble Crane’ Yu Lan Gongfu Tea Tasting Cups 70ml
    Special Price USD12.00 Regular Price USD15.00
  5. Colourful Jian Zhan Tea Cup ‘Aurora’ in Luxury Box 125ml (4.2oz)
  6. Jian Zhan Tea Cup ‘Origin of Life’ in Luxury Box, Blue 140ml
  7. Tenmoku Tea Cup ‘Nine Dragons’ in Gift Box, Black/Brown 90ml (3oz)
  8. Ruyao Cat Tea Cup – Ru Kiln Crackle Glaze Gongfu Tea Cup 110 ml / 3.7 oz
  9. Jian Zhan Tea Cup 'Dragon Scales' in Premium Box 120ml / 4oz
  10. Tenmoku Tea Cup ‘Pink Lady’ in Gift Box 125ml (4.2 oz)
  11. Jian Zhan Teacup 'Pearly Space' - Blue, Purple, Pink Jian ware
  12. Red Tea Cups Set of 6 - ‘Double Happiness’ Chinese Wedding Symbol
  13. Mini Clear Glass Tea Cups Set of 2, with Handle 150ml/ 5oz
  14. Crumpled Glass Cup - Flower Shape Glass Tea Tasting Cup 80ml/2.7oz
  15. Small Porcelain Tea Cup, Fish & Lotus Pond Artwork 60ml
  16. The "Five Great Kilns" Crackle Glaze Tea Cup Set
  17. Jian Tea Cup NO. 8 ‘ Heavenly Flower’ 70ml / 2.35oz
  18. Glazed Ceramic Tea Cup NO.4 ‘Ancient Snow’ (50 ml / 1.7 oz)
  19. Glazed Ceramic Tea Cup NO.2 ‘Spiral Ice’ 125ml / 4.2oz
  20. Hand Painted Tea Cups 'Calligraphy Masters' - Blue and White Porcelain Tea Cup Set of 4 (40 ml)
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 24

Set Descending Direction

Watch how our Jian Zhan cups are fully handcrafted:

Chinese tea cups

In China, they say a real tea lover is always attached to their favourite Chinese tea cup. If you don’t own one yet, then you’ve luckily found the right page. We’re proud to present you our collection of China tea cups online. They’re made from different material including porcelain, ceramic, and bone China.

Design is always very personal. That’s we’ve made sure our small tea cups comes in a big diversity of oriental looks. Whether you’re into hand painted birds, flowers, phoenixes and dragons, or beautiful mountains and landscapes, there’s always an Asian tea cup design that you’ll love. Some of our cute tea cups even have an old traditional or antique look that makes them worth to add to your collectibles. Or some even have unusual weird looks, but as we said it’s all a matter of taste.

Chinese tea cups wholesale

Our Chinese tea cups aren’t only beautiful and unique, but they’re all offered at a wholesale price starting from just one piece. Moreover, when you order more there will be a quantity discount. They’re cheap, because we source them directly from quality China factories that are specialised in tea accessories. In other words, the price is inexpensive, but the quality will exceed your expectations. In case you're planning to place a bulk order (50 pcs or more) then have a look at our wholesale Chinese tea cups collection.

Start browsing and buy your cool, cute or pretty looking Chinese tea cups online today!