Wholesale Tea Cups

Teasenz offers top quality Chinese and Japanese tea cups at wholesale prices. Each and every tea cup is uniquely handmade by ceramic artists in China. Due to the amazing quality, you may resell them at attractive margins in your country. Click the link below to download our catalogue.

DOWNLOAD: 2018 Teasenz Tea Cups Catalogue (Note: the file is large, you may click 'download' to browse the catalogue on your computer).

GLASS TEA CUPS: The above catalogue only contains ceramic/porcelain cups. If you're looking for glassware you may view the bottom part of this page for our selection: wholesale glass tea tasting cups.

Our catalogue is updated with new cups every single quarter! Make sure to bookmark and revisit this page in the future.

How To Order?

If you want to order our tea cups, simply send us an email with the tea cups you're interested in and the quantities you require. Also share with us your shipping address details so that we can also calculate the shipping costs.

Video: Japanese & Chinese tea cups wholesale

Preview a selection of our Japanese and Chinese tea cups in the video below. Teasenz doesn't cooperate with bulk wholesale tea cup manufacturers. Instead, we work with individual artists that offer unique, premium tea cups that tea lovers are proud to own.


  • Minimum order quantity: we accept orders starting from 50 pieces. This may consist out of different tea cups.
  • Order processing: we aim to process and dispatch your order within 1 week.
  • Out of stock: in some cases, certain cups may be out of stock. In such a situation, we'll contact you and let you know the expected availability date. You may wait or exchange unavailable cups for ones that are available.
  • Discounts: the price list already displays the wholesale prices for our cups. However, when you order more than 200 cups, we may be able to offer you additional discounts.
  • Shipping fee: the prices are excluding shipping costs. We'll quote you shipping prices for several shipping options when you submit your order to us.
  • Shipping time: depending on the chosen shipping method, the shipping time can range from 3 days to 2 months.
  • Worldwide shipping: we ship orders worldwide.
  • Color & size variations: as each and every tea cup is handmade, there may be slight variations in colour and size.
  • Returns: you may return tea cups when you're not satisified. You'll receive a full refund from us excluding the shipping costs.


Do you offer your Chinese tea cups on Amazon?

No we don't. Platforms like Amazon and eBay charges commission up to 20% for our cups. We rather offer the on Teasenz.com at a lower price!

Why are Japanese & Chinese tea cups without handles?

What characterizes our tea cups is that they come without handles. Due to their small size, the tea cools down faster, so that handles aren't needed. There's absolutely no risk of burning one's hands while using the cups. Adding handles also make the tea cups look less elegant.

Do you also have Japanese & Chinese tea cups with lid?

When tea cups have a lid, they're known as 'gaiwan'. For gaiwans you may have a look on this page: Gaiwans.