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  • Freshness & harvest: We source our blooming teas mainly during the summer months as we’ll be able to secure the freshest flower harvest. Afterwards, our teas are stored in freezers to make sure they’re as fresh as the day they’re made.
  • Size & weight: Our flowering teas are hand stitched and may vary in weight and size. The size of the tea balls will generally be between 2 and 2.5 cm in diameter. The weight is generally between 8-10 gram, but may occasionally be lower or higher. 1 KG of blooming tea will contain about 110 pieces, though we do not guarantee an exact amount.
  • Buy samples: Whatever tea business you start, always try out samples and curate what you believe is the best. That isn’t different with blooming teas. At Teasenz, we’ve made it easy for you to order samples. On the product pages, you can simply select the 2 pieces sample option. At this moment, we do not offer free samples.
  • Wholesale pricing: On the product pages you'll find volume discounts depending on how much you order.
  • What is A blooming tea?: Blooming teas are elegantly handcrafted using an intricate production process that involves tremendous manual finesse. These master pieces are also known as flowering tea, tea balls, display tea, flower craft tea, tea flower, or hand-sewn tea.
  • Flowering tea: how’s it made?: Our tea flowers are made by seeing young green tea leaves and buds hand sewed together with different herbal flowers such as: marigold, lily, chrysanthemum, globe amaranth, jasmine and calendula.

How to Make Tea Flowers?

To steep a tea flower and let it unfurl, you’ll simply need glass teaware and hot water. Small glass teapots are great because they’ll allow you to fully enjoy the blooming process. A tea ball takes about 4-5 minutes to fully unfurl, so be patience and enjoy the process.

Once the flowering tea has fully unfurled you can pour and sip the refreshing taste of green leaves complemented by the fragrant aroma of flowers. Finished your first pot? Don’t worry, you can easily steep the blooming tea for another 2 times! Once you’re doing, refill the teapot with cold water and put it in a suitable location in your living room. This will allow you to preserve the bloom for another 2-3 days and enjoy its appearance to the fullest.

Blooming Tea Wholesale

Teasenz is the blooming tea wholesale supplier for many tea and gift companies that delight their customers with flowering tea gift sets. We provide top quality flowering tea balls that you can use to create exquisite gift sets for retail. The market of artisan tea is growing faster than ever, and blooming teas are at the centre of this growth for several reasons:

  • They’re remarkable because of the ‘blooming’ feature, easily catching the attention of beginning tea lovers. Blooming tea pictures and videos can easily go viral.
  • Blooming teas aren’t only attractive to look at, but they also have a wonderfully balanced taste of green tea and flowers.
  • It’s one of the healthiest teas available combining the antioxidant rich green tea with a combination of health benefits that are derived from individual flowers.
  • They are very popular among small businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes who want to impress their clients during an afternoon high tea or classy diners. 
  • It's an excellent gift. Turn ordinary dates to extraordinary moments. Be it a housewarming party, a birthday, an anniversary, a send-off party, or just a simple gesture of saying thank-you. Whatever the occasion, the gift of enjoyment, health, and beauty through blooming tea is priceless.