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Gaiwan Guide

What is a gaiwan?

Among all teaware, a gaiwan is the most widely used in China. If you aren't familiari with such teaware, you may think it's meant for drinking tea. Yet, the most common application of a traditional gaiwan is to prepare tea. The advantage of using a cup to steep is because it’s easier to observe the leaves compared to a teapot. Moreover, when the tea is almost done you can take of the lid and smell the inner surface to appreciate the aroma of the tea.

This piece of teaware can be made from different materials such as Yixing zisha clay, glass, Jingdezhen porcelain or jade, each with their different advantages and disadvantages.

Are you ready to take your tea brewing to the next level? Then read this guide first: How to use a gaiwan?

If you’re brewing more oxidised teas such as oolong or pu erh, you might wonder why you should go for a gaiwan instead of a Yixing teapot. Read our explanation here: gaiwan versus yixing.

Easy Gaiwan Set

While traditional gaiwans have their advantages, they aren't very easy to use at the beginning. If you don't use them carefully, you might burn your hands or just end up with a messy table. To make it easier to brew tea, yet maintain the gaiwan experience, the 'Easy Gaiwan' was developed. These vessels have a somewhat modified design that allows for a better grip and easier pouring experience.

Gaiwan for sale

If you’re ready for some fun gaiwan brewing, then make sure to browse this category page. Our whole collection is curated by experts and are made from authentic materials.