'Paradise of the Fish' Chinese Gaiwan Tea Set (120 ml / 4.1 oz)

A beautiful Chinese gaiwan tea set with pretty orange gold fishes swimming in 'paradise'.
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Real tea connoisseurs don't only enjoy a cup of tea, but also appreciate the teaware and other tools that they use. See how beautiful this gaiwan tea set is in the video below:

Steep better tea

This gaiwan tea set has no any fragrance, which will not affect the original flavor and aroma of the tea. This is especially great for green and white teas that have a light flavor, and thus easily influenced by the teaware you use.

The lid at the same time helps to isolate the heat when the leaves are being steeped. At last compared to a teapot, the open cup makes it so much easier for you to appreciate the shape of the unfurled leaves after steeping.

Appreciate teaware

Besides enjoying the leaves, tea connoisseurs take pleasure in appreciating the gaiwan itself. It's like a piece of artwork. This 'Paradise of the Fish' Chinese gaiwan tea set lets you enjoy a painted style artwork of fishes and lotus flowers in a heavenly environment. Combine this with good leaves, and you've just got yourself the ultimate, calming afternoon tea session. So if you're about to get yourself a traditional Gaiwan tea set, get one you really love!

Additional Info
Additional Info
Material porcelain
Content 120 ml / 4.1 oz
Measures Saucer: 9.2 cm / 3.6 in; Gaiwan cup: 9.1 x 8 cm / 3.6 x 3.1 in
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No
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