Yixing Gaiwan - Zisha Clay Gaiwan (170ml/5.7oz)

Who says you've to choose between a gaiwan and a yixing teapot? Instead of traditional porcelain, this gaiwan is made from authentic zisha zhu ni clay.

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Yixing or Gaiwan? Why Choose!

Traditional gaiwans are made from porcelain. As the material is smell-free they're great to steep white and green teas, as well as some herbal teas. Yixing teapots on the other hand can enhance flavor of darker teas such as black, oolong and pu erh. For latter, it's now possible to actually enjoy the gaiwan brewing experience! This Yixing gaiwan tea cup comes in the traditional shape, but is made from authentic zisha clay instead of porcelain. The endless battle of gaiwan vs yixing teapot is finally over.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Teapot Shape Geometric
Clay type Zhu ni clay
Content 170 ml (5.7 oz)
Measures 10.2x8.3 cm (4.0x3.3 in)
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