Obscured Glass Easy Gaiwan - Opaque Style Tea Infuser, Travel Tea Maker (150ml/5oz)

Isn’t this just simply beautiful? Feel the tranquilness expressed by this glass tea maker (or 'easy gaiwan'). It fully owns its Instagram-proof looks to its beautiful obscured glass and the artistic shape further accentuated by gold style finishing.

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Note: This teaware is fully handmade and therefore the thickness isn’t uniform in every part of the gaiwan. In addition, when you order two or more pieces, the product will be highly alike but not identical! Nevertheless, every piece is curated by our quality team and we guarantee a top quality product.

More Practical than Gaiwans

This piece of teaware works similarly like a traditional gaiwan and is sometimes called an 'easy gaiwan', 'travel gaiwan', or 'one grab teapot'. However, unlike gaiwans there’s no need to nudge the lid to one side to pour: something that many beginning gaiwan users have a hard time getting used to. Thanks to the small opening on the edge of this tea infuser, this problem belongs to the past.

Without the lid, you can also use this piece of teaware as a tea pitcher (a.k.a. fairness cup).

Obscured Glass, Gold Color Finishing & Leaf Shaped Lid Knob

This serene tea maker is made from thick glass and preserves heat exceptionally well. It’s suitable for any type of tea, and you’re not gonna settle for anything less than the perfect cup!

But heat retention and tough glass isn’t only the benefit of this practical tea maker. This made from obscured glass resulting in a great texture and wonderfully opaque look. The gold style finishing further accentuate the edges and the leaf shaped lid knob.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Material borosilicate glass
Content 150ml (5oz)
Measures approx. 7.5x9.4 cm (3x3.7 in)
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No
Customer Reviews (1)
Really neat little tea maker
I really like it. It's 5 oz but half of it will be the tea leaves so it makes a small cup, I have been doing two steps to fill a 5oz. teacup. Being glass it doesn't really make a good travel set, I had it at work for a while but I'm just using it at home now. Also being glass it transfers heat well and gets a bit hot when you pour. Review by EJC (Posted on 2/24/2018)
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