'Blue Lotus' Floral Chinese Gaiwan Tea Cup (120 ml / 4.1 oz)

'Blue Lotus' Floral Chinese Gaiwan Tea Cup (120 ml / 4.1 oz)

A white Chinese gaiwan tea cup with floral theme. Classic blue look with oriental lotus flowers.
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Lotus flower meaning

Enjoy tea while at the same time appreciating the looks of this pretty gaiwan with a traditional blue lotus design. If you have ever seen a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond, you've probably notices how clean and beautiful the lotus looks in contrast to the dirty pond. For this reason, it's often a symbol of beauty and pureness in Asian cultures.

A gaiwan is a traditional Chinese teaware that consists out of a cup, lid and saucer. Gaiwan tea cups are usually made from clay, glass or porcelain. The latter material is the most commonly used. The basic difference with other cups is that it has a lid but no handle. A Chinese gaiwans can be used as a tea cup. However, it's generally used as a tool to brew tea, instead of using a teapot.

Why use a gaiwan to steep tea?

The main question is, why you should use a gaiwan tea cup. Most casual tea drinkers outside of China and Japan have probably never heard of it. The main difference with large teapots is that they are smaller allowing you to brew and enjoy smaller and better portions of tea. Compare this to a cook who has to cook for either 1 or 20 people. The same dish made for 20 will never taste as good as when it's made for just 1 person. The same rule for brewing tea using a small gaiwan tea cup!

Chinese gaiwans are very versatile and can generally be used to brew any kind of tea. It takes some practice, especially if you steep smaller leaves (as a few might slip through), but it's worth it. Over time, it will only contribute to a more pleasant tea experience.

More Information
More Information
Material porcelain
Content 120 ml / 4.1 oz
Measures Saucer: 9.2 cm / 3.6 in; Gaiwan cup: 9.1 x 8 cm / 3.6 x 3.1 in
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No

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