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  1. PRE-ORDER 40% OFF: Ceramic ‘Noble Crane’ Yu Lan Gongfu Tea Tasting Cups 70ml
  2. PRE-ORDER 50% OFF: Ceramic ‘Noble Cranes’ Gongfu Xi Shi Tea Pot 220ml
  3. Yixing Tea Set with Pitcher & 2 Cups in Gift Box, Dou Qing Clay
  4. Gongfu Tea Boat - Wooden Tea Boat, Walnut Wood & Shells
  5. FREE GIFT for Orders over 100 USD / 90 EUR: Ceramic Snail Tea Pet – Slow Sipper Snail Ornament/Figurine
  6. Colourful Jian Zhan Tea Cup ‘Aurora’ in Luxury Box 125ml (4.2oz)
  7. Tenmoku Tea Cup ‘Pink Lady’ in Gift Box 125ml (4.2 oz)
  8. Jian Zhan Tea Cup ‘Origin of Life’ in Luxury Box, Blue 140ml
  9. Tenmoku Tea Cup ‘Nine Dragons’ in Gift Box, Black/Brown 90ml (3oz)
  10. Cat Tea Pet - Cute Cat Clay Figurine
  11. FREE GIFT for orders over 50 USD/45 EUR: Leaf Shaped Tea Strainer, Stainless Steel, Gold/Silver Colour
  12. Hammered Glass Teapot with Metal Handle, Stove-top Safe 700ml / 23.5oz
  13. Thinking Cat Tea Pet, Yixing Purple Clay Cat Figurine
  14. Octopus Tea Pet, Duanni Yellow Clay Octopus Figurine - Gift Box
  15. Shi Piao Teapot, 30 Year Aged Duan Ni Clay, Dragon Kiln Fired 200ml
  16. Watermelon Yixing Teapot & 2 Tea Cups Set 160ml
  17. Ruyao Cat Tea Cup – Ru Kiln Crackle Glaze Gongfu Tea Cup 110 ml / 3.7 oz
  18. Ruyao Cat Teapot – Ru Kiln Crackle Glaze Gongfu Teapot 280ml
  19. Cow Tea Pet - Traditional Handmade Bull Tea Pet
  20. Mouse Tea Pet with Lucky Coin - Hamster Tea Pet
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Items 1-20 of 128

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Teaware and Tea Accessories

We are proud to present you our beautiful collection of teaware and tea accessories that will make your loose leaf tea experience unforgettable. Our collection includes complete tea makers such as teapots, tea mugs as well as tea sets that comes with matching cups. Most of these tools come with infusers that help you strain the loose leaves, making the brewing process more convenient than you could’ve imagined.

Got some more time to enjoy your cuppa slowly? Then take your steeping skills to the next levels with our Chinese gaiwans and Yixing clay pots. Gaiwans are great for improved leaf appreciation, while Yixing teapots allow you to ‘kungfu brew’ your loose leaves. If you’re really into Chinese ceremonies, then also don’t forget to get yourself a ‘tea pet’.

Besides steeping tools you’re going to find complementary accessories such as separate steepers & infuser balls when you don’t need a new mug or teapot. In addition, this teaware category includes tea spoons and scoops, storage jars, and Chinese cups. Have fun browsing!