Legendary Toad Tea Pet, Jiang Po Ni Clay

Legendary Toad Tea Pet, Jiang Po Ni Clay


A legendary toad cha chong (tea pet) handmade from Jiang Po Ni clay. Its cute, little size (5.2x5.7x4.6cm / 2x2.2x1.8in) makes it suitable for any tea table or tea tray.

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Toad Tea Pet: A Companion of Wealth & Fortune

Looking for a tea companion? This friendly frog tea pet is going to be your best friend as long as you share your tea sessions with it. To quench its thirst for tea, instead of discarding your first rinse, you can pour it over this little fella. Over time, its surface will become smoother and shinier.

Toad Tea Pet Placement Etiquette

When it comes to placement etiquette, this frog tea pet should be placed on your tea tray or tea table facing the same direction as you do. In this way, it can attract wealth and fortune. Do make sure it’s not facing directly towards a door, otherwise the door-god may get angry.

Note: You may have heard that a toad tea pet should face you. That’s not untrue, but only a toad with a coin in the mouth should face you. This means he is ‘bringing you wealth’. As the pet on this page doesn’t have a coin in the mouth, it should face the opposite direction to 'attract wealth' first.

For more information visit this page about: Tea pet placement etiquette and their meaning.

More Information
More Information
Material jiang po ni Yixing clay
Measures 5.2x5.7x4.6cm (2x2.2x1.8in)

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