Lucky Frog Tea Pet - Yixing Fortune Toad Tea Pet

Lucky Frog Tea Pet - Yixing Fortune Toad Tea Pet

A premium, 100% handmade Yixing clay toad/frog tea pet. With a coin in its mouth, it's going to bring you great fortune & prosperity.
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Lucky frogs are the most popular type of tea pet you'll find on the tea table. Nourish it regularly by rinsing it with tea and its surface will become smoother and shinier.

As this toad tea pet is fully handmade, every single piece is unique. Therefore, slight variations in size and colour may exist from piece to piece. The approximate size is 11.5x7.5x6cm (4.5x3x2.3 in).

Liu Hai & the Three Legged Toad

You may wonder why this tea pet toad has 3 legs. The popularity of frogs/toads as a tea pet originates from a legend of Liu Hui and a three legged toad during the 10th century. The story goes that he became friends with this special frog, who loves not only water, but also gold. Therefore, our toad tea pet has a gold coin in their mouth.

When the toad jumped in a well, Lui Hai could only pull him up by throwing a cord of gold coins. Hence, the cord of gold shown on the back of the toad tea pet on this page.

More Information
More Information
Material mo lu ni (green) yixing clay
Measures approx. 11.5x7.5x6cm (4.5x3x2.3 in)

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