Small Yixing Teapot 'Gong Deng Hu ' - Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni Clay Teapot 110 ml

Small Yixing Teapot 'Gong Deng Hu ' - Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni Clay Teapot 110 ml

100% handmade red clay (Da Hong Pao Zhu Ni) teapot in the classic ‘palace lantern’ style. Small and exquisite. This teapot is perfect for your me-time tea sessions.
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A simple yet elegant zhu ni da hong pao teapot, which has the perfect size for one person, one teacup, and one moment of serenity.

100% handmade by artists at Guyuetang Yixing art studio. This small and delicate da hong pao clay teapot is made in the style of the palace lantern (宫灯gong deng). Suitable for brewing various kinds of tea. Oven-fired at 1175-1180ºC.

Zhu Ni (Red Clay)

Zhu ni is a kind of clay for making teapots. The raw ores are yellow with a hint of red, and with high iron content. Zhu ni teapots are not easy to make even for those experienced artists. Its special composition that results in a high shrinkage ratio during firing process. Thus, they're prone to deform if not every aspect is carefully controlled. That’s why zhu ni teapots are mostly been small in size.

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)

The Da hong pao we are talking about here is not the oolong tea (with the same name), but a special type of clay of the zhu ni family. The colour of its raw ore is naturally red, and finished products have a brighter red colour than the regular zhu ni. When hot water is poured on the Da hong pao teapot, the colour becomes more vivid as if the teapot is wearing a 'big red robe' (hence the name 'Da Hong Pao').

Da hong pao ores can only be found in the cracks in the rocks of the south side of Huanglong Mountain in Yixing. The thickness of the ore layer is no more than 10 cm, and the colour is bright red. Unfortunately, the rarity of this clay type, resulting in high prices. On the other hand, Da Hong Pao clay pots are considered great investments, due to annual price increases.

Palace Lantern Style

The palace lantern teapot is a traditional type of Yixing teapot that is famous for its elegant shape and cultural significance. It was created in the Yong Zheng period of the Qing Dynasty.

More Information
More Information
Clay type Da hong pao ni clay
Content 110ml (3.7oz)
Measures 10.5x7.5 cm (4.1x3 in)
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