Small Yixing Teapot, Yellow Duanni Clay 140ml

Small Yixing Teapot, Yellow Duanni Clay 140ml


A small, single-person size teapot made from authentic Duanni yellow clay. The teapot hold 140ml of content and is beautifully handcrafted by certified Yixing artist, Li Xiao Lu. Certificate of authenticity of the artist and a gift box is included.

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This small zisha teapot features a ball-shaped filter in the spout. Due to the finer holes relative to a traditional 9-hole spout, leaves don’t easily get stuck in the spout, and you’ll experience a satisfying pouring experience. The teapot was fired at around 1180ºC.

Small Yixing Teapot, Duanni: Air Tightness & Pouring Test

At Teasenz, we work with reputable maker of Yixing teapots. Most of the artist we cooperate with have undergone professional education and accumulated years of experience in making Yixing ware. This is also the case for Li Xiao Lu, the artist of this small zisha Duanni teapot. In some cases, we also work with artist, who show they’re exceptionally good, through years practice. Yet, no matter who we cooperate with, we always fully test our teapots before they’re offered in our online store.

  • We make sure our teapots are professionally made, paying particularly attention to many the small details such as symmetry. No machine made teapots will enter our store, as they’re easily recognise by our experts.
  • We hold the teapot, feel its surface, and listen to the sound of the clay. We do this in order to verify the quality and authenticity of the raw material.
  • We test in teapots in multiple tea sessions to guarantee an excellent pouring experience.
  • We judge its heat retention capabilities of the teapot by testing its air thightness, such as by holding the teapot upside down while covering the opening of the spout or covering the hole on the lid while pouring. In the video on this page you can see how we test perform the air tightness test on this small duanni teapot. Air tightness is not a deal breaker though. Some teapot shapes may perform poorly on this test, but still can be great teapots. Warning: be careful performing such tests at home.
More Information
More Information
Clay type Duan ni clay
Content 140ml (4.7oz)
Measures 10.2x6.5cm (4x2.5in)

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