Yixing Shi Piao Hu Teapot Set with 4 Cups - Hei Jin Sha Clay Teapot 220 ml / 7.4 oz

A Shi Piao teapot made from hei jin sha black clay. It’s 100% handcrafted by Li Jun He, a certified Yixing tea master. This product includes a certificate and 4 matching cups made from the same clay.

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Hei Jin Sha Clay

A teapot is made from pure Hei Jin Sha clay. It features excellent breathability and remarkable improvement of tea aroma and texture over time. ‘Hei Jin Sha’ literally means ‘black golden clay’ due to it’s dark appearance with visible golden dots.

This clay type is highly suitable to nourish with tea. With regular use, the surface will become smoother and shinier over time.

Pots made by this clay type are generally expensive as the clay is more rare than other types. As the clay shrinks excessively after baking, only experienced Yixing artists will be able to handle the clay successfully.

Shi Piao Style

This teapot is based on the classic Shi Piao shape and looks beautiful from every angle. The bottom of the teapot has ‘three legs’. The bridge shaped lid knob also makes this teapot unique from others which have a more common round knob.

The lid fits perfectly, making sure the isolation is excellent. It won’t easily fall off while you pour, even if you hold it completely vertically.

Li Jun He

The Yixing master behind this piece of art is Li Jun He. It comes with his seal on several parts of the outside as well as on the inside of the teapot. When you purchase this teapot, you’ll also receive an official certificate issued by the mr. Li

Additional Info
Additional Info
Clay type Hei jin sha clay
Content 220 ml (7.4 oz)
Measures 13.7x8.5 cm (5.4x3.3 in)
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