Watermelon Yixing Teapot & 2 Tea Cups Set 160ml

Watermelon Yixing Teapot & 2 Tea Cups Set 160ml


A fun and unique Yixing teapot that resembles a watermelon! The teapot comes with 2 matching watermelon cups. The teapot is fully handmade by ceramic artist Yixing Master Li (The artist's certificated is included).

"A tea set for those who want their teaware to be art and their tea drinking to be a ritual. This tea set is amongst the highest quality pieces I've made in my lifetime." Rao Qing, Artist.

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Fang Sheng Qi

This kind of Yixing teapot is called 'Fang Sheng Qi', which basically refers to art pieces that resemble natural objects. This terms is interesting as the first character means 'Fang' means 'immitate', the second character 'Sheng' means 'give birth'. The last character 'Qi' is a general term for 'object'.

Among all the kinds of watermelon like teapots we've evaluated, this set you see on this page, is truly a high quality piece of art.

'Fang Sheng Qi' objects are also used in China for interior decoration purposes.

Pure & Authentic Clay

A high quality yellow Yixing clay (duan ni) is used for the base of the teapot and cups. Unlike some cheap duan ni teaware you see on the market, this duan ni clay is pure and authentic. It doesn't have a strange smell. In fact, it will improve the flavour of your tea over time, when you consistently only steep a single tea type (oolong tea, black tea, pu erh..) in this teapot.

Only a limited amount of 12 sets of this product is made by the artist.

On top of the Yellow Yixing clay surface, a thin layer of green Yixing clay (lu ni) is then applied by hand on the teapot and cups to create the watermelon look. The teapot won't discolor due to high temperature firing in the oven.

The teapot has an approximate size of 10.4x7.4cm and comes with 2 matching cups that are made from the same material. The cups hold up to 50ml of tea and are 7.3x3.5 cm (including the handle).

A great teapot for the Summer!

Watermelons are many’s favourite summer fruit. The taste is sweet, refreshing and quenches thirst. Thus, how fun would it be to steep your favourite tea with a watermelon teapot!

More Information
More Information
Clay type Duan ni clay
Content 160ml (5.4 oz)
Measures 10.4x7.4 cm (4.1x2.9 in)

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