Shi Piao Teapot - High Profile, 30 Year Aged Duan Ni Clay, Traditional Kiln Fired 210ml

Shi Piao Teapot - High Profile, 30 Year Aged Duan Ni Clay, Traditional Kiln Fired 210ml


Traditional Dragon Kiln fired to achieve a smooth and oily surface. Made from 30 year aged pure Duan Ni Clay. A classic ‘Shi Piao’ teapot reimagined wit a higher profile shape.

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Artist Pan Ye

In a world that’s too much focused on efficiency, Artist Pan Ye is upholding the tradition of wood firing his teapots in a traditional Dragon kiln (instead of modern ovens).

Pan Ye is born in the ancient city of Yixing, home to Zisha Clay ceramics. Under the guidance of famous Yixing masters, he is part of a new generation of modern Zisha artists.

His work is characterised by smooth lines, elegant shapes, and harmony in layout. According to Pan Ye, a teapot must be perfect in shape, yet never sacrifice convenience in use. Pan Ye an artist of the future generation of Yixing makers. We’re convinced his teapots are worth to be part of your collection.

Traditional Dragon Kiln: Wood Firing

Baking Yixing teapots in a traditional 'Dragon Kiln' is a completely different concept relative to modern ovens. Traditional wood firing in a Dragon Kiln achieves much higher temperatures resulting in a smooth, oily, and layered surface. The teapot has an intriguing natural look that’s not reproducible in normal ovens. Absolutely no other ingredients, ceramic layers, or colouring has been added to the baking process.

Traditional wood firing is clearly superior to modern oven firing, because of amazing air permeability. However, due to the unstable atmosphere, the requirements for clay quality is higher. Not all clay are suitable for traditional wood kiln firing. The clay must be processed from pure high quality raw ore. It must be ripened and carefully prepared in order to remove inside air and become stable in structure.

What Else Should You Know?

  • This teapot has excellent pouring speed.
  • The lid fits perfectly on the teapot.
  • It’s sturdy, strong, and holds really well in the hand.
  • Traditional 9 hole strainer in spout.
  • Seal of the artist on the teapot.
  • Certificate of artist included.
  • Approximately 8.5x11cm & 210ml in size.
  • 100% Handmade.
  • Shipped in strong and beautiful gift worthy box.
More Information
More Information
Clay type Duan ni clay
Content approx. 210ml (7.1oz)
Measures 8.5x11cm

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