Oolong Tea Caffeine vs Coffee vs Green Tea

Oolong Tea Caffeine vs Coffee vs Green Tea

Generally speaking oolong tea contains more caffeine than green tea, but how does it compare to coffee?

Oolong Tea Caffeine versus Green Tea

Oolong tea, like other tea types, it's made from the Camellia Sinenses tea plant. When compared to green tea, it's more oxidized and more water content has been removed during the production processes. Due to this intensive processing, the tea is more concentrated and contains more caffeine.

According to the statistics by USDA, 3.5 oz of brewed green tea contains 12mg caffeine, while the same 3.5 oz of oolong is at 16mg. So generally speaking, green tea has 25% less caffeine.

Note that with artisan tea, resellers often recommend lower steeping temperatures for green tea relative to oolong. Therefore, less caffeine gets extracted from green tea in practice.

Oolong Tea Caffeine versus Coffee

It's however safe to assume that oolong tea contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee. According to the statistics from USDA, a cup of 8 oz coffee contains 95mg caffeine, while a cup of 8 oz brewed oolong is 36mg.

However, one should understand that the above values are averages. A cup of espresso has obviously higher concentrations than a cup of Americano. The same holds for tea: brew 8g of oolong in a small vessel (gaiwan, Yixing teapot) and you'll experience a very strong, caffeine rich first brew.

You may want to read our full tea caffeine guide to learn about all the factors affecting caffeine levels in tea.

Green Tea Caffeine versus Coffee

Based on the info already provided above a cup of green tea (27mg) has significantly less caffeine than the average cup of 8 oz coffee (95mg).

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