Loose Leaf Pu Erh Tea

Direct from Yunnan this high grade loose pu erh tea. Easy and perfect for serving in restaurant or use it as a base loose leaf pu erh tea to create your signature blend.

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An alluring infusion with an almost coffee-like flavor, with rich consistency and good body that provide the base for a woody aroma and chocolaty overtones. A taste well worth acquiring. Observe the dry loose leaves and color of the tea liquor in the video below:

Why loose pu erh tea?

Pu erh tea is mostly sold in compressed shapes such as a bing (cake) or tuo (dome). This makes sense because the aging process of both shou en sheng pu erh can take a few years before you start to love the flavor. By compressing the leaves, it become easier to store. Stil there are a few reasons why loose pu erh is still in demand these days:

  • Some people prefer not to buy the cakes early, but prefer to get teas when they're ready to drink. This makes the advantage of compression less important, as you won't need to stock up a lot.
  • Others like the transparency of loose pu erhs. With compressed cakes, you might be unluckily if you purchase it from a dishonest seller compressing low grade leaves in the center and visible high grade leaves on the outside.
  • At last, loose leaf pu erh actually ages faster, because all leaves are exposed to oxygen.

A restaurant owner's choice

In practice, we also experience that mostly restaurants, hotels and other types of food businesses prefer loose pu erhs. Restaurants don't need to stock up so much and tea in loose leaf form is easier to serve as you don't need a tea knife to loosen compressed cakes.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Steeping time 2-3 min
Steeping temperature 100 °C - 212 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 2-5 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) 1 tbsp
Tea Year 2013
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content high
Tea Region Puer Village
Tea Province Yunnan
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 熟普洱散茶
Customer Reviews (2)
Good flavor, but needs to be more smooth
This is excellent puer tea for the price. It does indeed have a very woody earthy aroma and flavor. The only thing it lacks is that smooth slippery feeling as you swallow that comes with an excellent puer tea. Overall, an excellent puer tea for the price, and good for someone just beginning to explore Puer!
Review by Matt Stefan (Posted on 7/24/2015)
I really like the aroma
Woody and earthy which adds to a wonderful taste with cream and sugar! Perfect for a cold day by a fire.

The taster preferred the aroma over the taste. With the cream and sugar 4 stars for taste. Without the cream and sugar 3 stars for taste.
Review by Cold day by the fire tea (Posted on 12/21/2014)
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