Small Glass Gongfu Tea Pot - Mini Kung Fu Tea Pot 150ml

Small Glass Gongfu Tea Pot - Mini Kung Fu Tea Pot 150ml


See your tea as you’re preparing it! This small glass gongfu teapot comes in the perfect size for your traditional tea session. It's suitable for any kind of tea.

  • This mini glass teapots holds just 150ml: the perfect size for brewing gongfu cha for 1-3 people.
  • Beautiful round shape and minimalistic design. Dish washer safe.
  • (Removable) Stainless steel strainer in the spout that makes sure the loose tea leaves stay in the teapot.
  • The handle and lid knob are made extra thick so they don’t get hot when you steep tea. They are very comfy to hold too!
  • The perfect gongfu cha teapot for beginners, as it's suitable for any kind of tea.
  • Highly recommended for Chinese green, white, flower, and black teas.
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Small Size

Never settle with a teapot that's too large. Glass teapots are great, but most of them are too large for preparing gongfu cha. Yes, you could settle with a glass teapot between 250-600ml, but that won’t enjoy a good cup of gongfu tea. That’s why we offer you this mini glass teapot with just a 150ml size. Perfect for your tea-for-one moment or with up to two tea friends.

Super Durable & Crystal Clear

With traditional ceramic teaware, you can’t see what’s happening inside the teapot. That’s a pity, because watching the leaves unfurl and releasing their flavours is a pleasurable experience you don’t want to miss. Especially if you’re brewing high quality teas.

Suitable for Any Kind of Tea

Unlike mini gongfu teapots made from Yixing clay, you don’t need to dedicate this glass pot to a single kind of tea type. The porous nature of Yixing clay pots allows it to absorb tea aroma over time. That’s why you need to consistently make the same kind of tea in the same Yixing teapot. So in other words, if you’ve started brewing ripe pu erh tea in an Yixing teapot, you should not switch to an oolong tea later.

With a glass pot, you don’t have such problem. Glass doesn’t absorb flavours and it’s super easy to clean by just rinsing it with water. That's why a mini glass gongfu teapot is the best choice when you've just started out discovering what Chinese teas you'll love.

The downside is that glass teapot don’t perform as well when it comes to heat retention. This makes them more suitable for teas that don’t require much heat, such as green tea and white tea. However, don’t let it hold you back if you want to steep a pu erh or dark oolong with this mini glass gongfu teapot. Simply pre-heat the glass teapot, before you start steeping tea, to improve its heat retention.

More Information
More Information
Material borosilicate glass
Content 150ml (5oz)
Measures 7x8x10cm (3x4in)
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No

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