2-in-1 Gongfu Tea Brush & Tea Knife - Yixing Teapot Brush

2-in-1 Gongfu Tea Brush & Tea Knife - Yixing Teapot Brush

A 2-in-1 solid gongfu tea brush and knife made from rosewood (花梨) to keep your tea table clean and raising your Yixing teapot.
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For cleaning tea tables & raising your yixing teapot

This tea brush is great to keep your gongfu tea table clean and avoid any tea stains. If you accidentally wasted some tea, simply use the brush to absorb some of it and/or even use it to paint something nice with it on your wooden or stone tea table. It’s eventually going to dry up, but why not enjoy your own artwork in the meantime, while sipping your brew.

The tea brush holds heavy in the hand with a weight close to an iPhone, and is made from solid rosewood. The hairs of the brush are durable but gentle, and therefore suitable to maintain your valuable teaware, such as an Yixing zisha teapot.

What’s also really really cool about the brush is that it comes with a surprising tea knife on the inside. Simply twist the brush and you cal take out the knife to pry your favorite pu erh or white tea cakes. Who absolutely love this knife, because it conveniently sticks into a cake, but due to the thickness it won’t easily damage the leaves.

Get this 2-in-1 brush + knife today, and you’ll enjoy it for many years to come. Not a cheap teapot brush with hair loss issues and not made from cheap wood.


  • The only thing that we don’t love about it are the slight imperfections on the metal, but that can easily be forgiven at such an amazing price.
  • This brush is not suitable for use as a kettle brush. The hairs are too soft for that purpose.
More Information
More Information
Material stainless steel, wood
Measures 20x2 cm / 7.9x0.79 in
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No

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