5 x Reusable Tea Bags for Loose Tea - Cotton Tea Bags

5 x Reusable Tea Bags for Loose Tea - Cotton Tea Bags

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These tea bags with drawstrings are made from 100% unbleached cotton and are reusable. Great to brew loose leaf tea or stew herbs and spices. Size: 8x10 cm (3.15x3.95 in). Sold in sets of 5.
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Wholesale Reusable Cotton Tea Bags

For wholesale orders with a minimum quantity of 500 cotton tea bags, you can contact us for a price quotation. For wholesale, we have different sizes available:

6x8cm / 8x10 cm / 10x15cm / 13x16cm / 18x20cm / 20x25cm / 20x30cm

When ordering a minimum of 500 pcs, it can be a mix of different sizes above.

Read about our search for the best tea bag for loose leaf tea below:

Why not paper tea filters?

Paper tea bags are generally considered environmental friendlier than most other types of bags made from other material. This is because paper is generally biodegradable, though there’s always a small amount of plastic used to keep the paper together and not let it melt away while steeping your leaves.

There’s no evidence though that paper bags are hazardous to your health necessarily, though we can’t say they’re not either. However, what we do know for sure is that it affects the flavour of your tea. Given the flavour of strong traditional tea bags filled with crushed leaves inside, you might not notice the difference. However, when you steep more subtle full leaf or bud rich teas like ours, you’re going to taste paper…

What about ‘silky’ nylon (PET) tea bags?

There’s been a lot of noise in the tea world regarding tea bags. It all started with ‘silky’ pyramid bags that in fact weren’t made of silk, but nylon. The main problem with nylon is that it’s not biodegradable and will pollute our ecosystem. Like with paper, there’s been concerns regarding safety, as the plastic might melt when brewing tea. This concern is generally not valid as PET has a melting point above 200 C. There has been reports that certain molecules might break down below 100 C levels, releasing toxins, but no hard proof has been reported about this. Nevertheless, we continued our search because nylon isn’t biodegradable…

Corn-starch based disposable tea bags

Our search for the perfect fillable tea bag continued and we found out about corn-starch based bags. At first, this sounded pretty attractive and guess what…we’re made to believe that it’s biodegradable. In fact, it really isn’t. The term ‘biodegradable’ is misused in our opinion, as corn-starch (PLA) disposable tea bags can only be decomposed in an industrial composting facility. In practice, the changes are pretty small, or perhaps close to zero, that it will end up in such a facility. Therefore, our conclusion is that corn-starch bags for loose tea aren’t much better than a nylon bag.

100% biodegradable cotton tea bags

Eventually, we found what we’re looking for: Fabric tea bags made from 100% natural cotton. First of all the benefit of cotton is that it’s fully biodegradable. Secondly, it 100% safe as no plastics are used, and suitable to brew tea at hot temperatures and even stew herbs.

most important reason of all is that’s reusable. No matter how biodegradable tea bags are, their production methods might not. In the end we help to keep our environment as clean as possible when we have the habit of reusing things more often before they’re disposed. Get these disposable sacks for loose tea today, and make a difference!

More Information
More Information
Material cotton
Measures 8x10 cm (3.15x3.95 in)
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No
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