Teasenz is an international retailer and wholesaler of Samadoyo teaware. Our Samadoyo products are offered at lower prices than local sellers in your country. Do you want to order a Samadoyo teapot or teacup? Whether you live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand Denmark or Singapore; Teasenz ships worldwide!

Samadoyo Products

Professional & Safe Packing

At Teasenz, we ship your order within 48 hours. Each and every item is professionally packed for safe shipping.


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Samadoyo Wholesale

Below we summarize your main benefits of placing your Samadoyo wholesale orders at Teasenz:

  1. Price leadership: The lowest possible wholesale price due to direct cooperation with the Samadoyo factory. Whether you run your own eCommerce store or sell on Amazon/eBay, it simply can go wrong with our competitive pricing.
  2. Quality control: Excellent internal quality testing before shipment: we take care of the quality, you focus on sales.
  3. No quantity restrictions: Ordering from the factory requires a minimum quantity of around 5000 pieces. Whether you want to order one sample or high quantity, Teasenz can always deliver.
  4. Worldwide delivery: Teasenz cooperates with highly professional and experiences shipping companies and couriers that can ship anywhere in the world at the best price. When you contact us for a quotation we'll typically offer you 2-3 shipping methods (sea, air, and express) depending on your country.
  5. Multi-language support: Teasenz can communicate effectively in Chinese with teaware factories like Samadoyo, as well as with English/Italian/Dutch/French speaking customers worldwide.

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What is Samadoyo?

Samadoyo is a design tea ware manufacturer specialized in tea pots, tea mugs, tea jars. Teasenz has chosen to cooperate with this manufacturers because the excellent quality that is up to the standard of major Western kitchenware brands. The Samadoyo concept is all about a very sense of design, practicality and attractive packaging. The brand has become extremely popular in Japan, Korea and China.

Samadoyo products are made from high grade borosilicate glass, plastic and stainless steel. The glass quality is exceptionally clear and can handle instant temperature changes of up to 157 degrees Celsius. Thus, the tea pots can even be used as a cooking kettle.

As a certified reseller of Samadoyo tea ware brand from China, Teasenz is able to get the most favorable prices directly from this manufacturer. We buy large quantity and resell to end customers as well as small business who wants to order low quantity for resale. Our customers are able to order one pieces or wholesale boxes (24-48 pieces/box) for resale. Resellers get around 30% discount AND free shipping, while can benefitting from high profit margins in their own country.

As a main reseller, you may benefits from low wholesale prices, priority ordering, and a responsive customer support. All customers of Teasenz can enjoy a quality guarantee: if there is any product issues on arrival, you can return it directly to our warehouse. We will make sure to send you new products.

Samadoyo in Office

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Teasenz Samadoyo Catalogue

Couldn't find your Samadoyo product/model?: Contact us directly at [email protected] and we will request a quote for you directly from the Samadoyo factory. The quality will be inspected directly by our qualified team and shipped worldwide at affordable rates.

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