Glass Tea Pitcher with Lid - Tea Infuser Pitcher 500ml/17oz

Glass Tea Pitcher with Lid - Tea Infuser Pitcher 500ml/17oz


A modern looking glass tea pitcher with a built in smart loose tea infuser to make tea with a press of a button. The infusion tea pitcher also comes with a lid to brew better tea and keep it hot for longer.

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In a traditional tea ceremony style brewing setting, a tea artists prepares a separate teapot and a pitcher. Pitchers are important, because when you pour directly form a teapot in to tea cups, the first cup you serve will taste different from the last cup. Not strange, knowing that the last cup of tea has stayed longer in the teapot, thus extracting more flavour. This is why, tea is often poured into a pitcher first, before the tea is served into cups. For this reasons, pitchers used in Chinese tea ceremonies are also known as ‘fairness pitchers’.

With a Teasenz tea infusion pitcher, the function of a teapot and pitcher is now combined into one easy to use vessel. It’s made from glass for an amazing view of the tea leaves and better appreciation of the tea colour. Note that the latter is also very practical, because the tea colour is often a good indication for when the tea is ready.

Besides the benefit of glass, it also comes with a built in (but detachable) one-press infuser with lid. The infuser is made from premium plastics and has very decent heat isolation. Brewing tea simply requires adding loose leaves into the infusion chamber with hot water. Then close the lid and press the button on the lid when the steeping time has passed. The aromatic tea liquor will naturally flow into the pitcher and it’s ready to serve!

More Information
More Information
Material borosilicate glass, PVC Lid, PVC plastic infuser
Content 500 ml (16.9 in)
Measures 12.3x15cm
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No

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