Modern Clear Teapot with Infuser - Large (600 ml / 20.3 oz)

Modern Clear Teapot with Infuser - Large (600 ml / 20.3 oz)

Elegant in design and the perfect size to make tea for a group, this is the glass teapot infuser of your dreams. Simply add leaves and water to the upper infuser part, close the lid, and press the button on top of the lid. The taste of the tea evolves as the leaves open. Get this infuser teapot now to start your ultimate flavor journey.

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Stylish design

This stylish and attractive modern glass teapot with infuser is the ideal companion for those seeking the perfect cup of tea. Thanks to its clean and sophisticated design, this glass tea maker blends in seamlessly to its surroundings making it equally suitable for use in the office or at home. Owing to its generous size and capacity, this large 600 ml version tea maker with infuser is a handy item to have on hand when entertaining friends or colleagues. Being able to call on such a device allows you to serve your guests a cup of tea that they won’t forget; one that is steeped to perfection right before their eyes.

The ample proportions of this product allow you to either consume several cups of perfectly steeped tea yourself from one brewing, or share your leaves with others for an instantly special social occasion. What’s more, this glass teapot with infuser is also dishwasher safe thanks to the selection of top grade heat resistant borosilicate glass for its construction.

Easy to use

Using this glass teapot infuser is deceptively simple, and even tea novices can produce great tasting beverages with the slightest amounts of effort. Simply add the leaves of your choice to the infuser and then pour in the water at the corresponding temperature, letting the tea leaves or concoction steep for the desired amount of time. Your guests will be entranced by the steeping process taking place right in front of them, watching as the leaves unfurl to release their unique flavors, before the drink is poured into their cup direct from the glass tea infuser pot.  With an easy to hold handle and a removable lid, this pot is not only visually appealing to the eye but is also very convenient to use, combining both beauty and practicality in one outstanding package. 

If you are passionate about teas and relish the ceremony involved in producing the perfect cup, then this 600 ml glass tea maker with infuser is just the product you have been searching for. Its balanced, stylish and modern looks combined with its practical features and excellent brewing abilities ensure you receive delicious tea every time.

Purchasing this tea infuser today is the best way we can think of to begin your adventure into the world of sumptuous teas, with their aromatic flavors and health boosting properties.

More Information
More Information
Material borosilicate glass, PVC handle, PVC Lid, PVC plastic infuser, stainless steel
Content 600 ml / 20.3 oz
Measures 15 x 9.5 cm / 5.9 x 3.7 in
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe Yes

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