Ceramic ‘Noble Cranes’ Gongfu Xi Shi Tea Pot 220ml

Ceramic ‘Noble Cranes’ Gongfu Xi Shi Tea Pot 220ml


A small ceramic teapot (220 ml) magnificently depicting a pair of cranes soaring in the sky. The teapot is made in the traditional ‘Xi Shi’ shape, named after one of the ‘Four Beauties’ of ancient China.

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Ceramic Xi Shi, Crane Tea Pot

This small ceramic teapot is perfect for a gongfu tea session. It’s 220 ml size makes it suitable to serve 2-4 small cups of tea. It’s made in the classic Xi Shi shape, which is the most popular form of teapot in China. The appearance is characterised by round features and perfect symmetry. One other important feature of Xi Shi pots is that the height of the handle and the spout are at about the same level.

Symbolism of Cranes in China

In China, the crane bird is considered the prince of all feathered creatures. It’s the second most appearing bird symbol right after the phoenix and represents longevity, wisdom, nobility, and peace.

Cranes also represent long-lasting love and loyalty, as they always stay with one partner until death. This is why two cranes are shown on the teapot instead of just one.

As people regard cranes as positive symbols, you’ll also often see cranes in Chinese art such as paintings.

More Information
More Information
Material ceramic
Content 220ml (7.4 oz)
Measures 7.2x13.5 cm (2.8x5.3 in)
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No

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