Premium Zhu Ni Yixing Teapot with Handle, Ti Liang Hu 180 ml

Premium Zhu Ni Yixing Teapot with Handle, Ti Liang Hu 180 ml

An exquisite Yixing teapot fully handmade by a Wu Ren Lin (first grade, award-winning Yixing artist). The teapot is made from pure Zhu Ni clay and is unique due to the high handle and a finely made lucky frog on the lid.

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  • This teapot belongs to the category of Yixing teapots with a top handle, which is also known as ‘ti liang hu’ (Lifting teapot).
  • This teapot is made from relatively coarse Zhu Ni clay from Zhao Zhuang Shan, fired at 1180 ºC. This quality material combined with excellent craftsmanship results in a wonderful 'bumpy' surface as you can see in the images.
  • The 180 ml size makes it ideal for 1-2 person tea sessions.
  • Traditional 9 holes spout.
  • Packed in a tough premium gift box, which also offers 100% protection during shipping.

Ti Luang Hu Teapot by Wu Ren Lin

This Yixing teapot is made with exceptional attention to detail by Wu Ren Lin himself (so not his students). He’s born in the city of Yixing and is part of the Yixing Art association. During his career he obtained the highest level of national certification in the field of Yixing ceramics. He’s highly recognized in the industry by his peers and is known for its unique personal 'wu' style. Wu Ren Lin won many competitions during his career, of which the most important achievements are listed below:

  • Gold medal in the “Zi Tao Cup” competition of the 2nd Guangzhou Zisha·Ceramic Art Culture Festival in 2011.
  • Silver medal in the 13th China Arts and Crafts Masters Exposition.
  • Gold medal at the 5th China (Lanzhou) Art Collection Fair.


Why is the surface of the teapot not smooth?

The zhu ni used is relatively more coarse, which is normal for authentic zhu ni. Therefore you'll see that the surface isn't completely smooth. The zhu ni used has high minerals content, which results in visible white specks. The white dots are a natural part of the zhu ni clay and not artificially added. While raw yellow zhu ni turns orange brown when backed in the oven, certain minerals while stay white, which you can see in this teapot.

Why does the rim and lid have more visible white specks?

The reason for this is because a scraping tool is used to smoothen out the teapot surface, which can't be applied to the rim and parts of the lid.

More Information
More Information
Clay type Zhu ni clay
Content 180 ml (6 oz)
Measures 6.3x13.5cm (5.3x2.5in)
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