2022 Dan Cong Oolong Tea Sampler Pack - The Connoisseur Selection

2022 Dan Cong Oolong Tea Sampler Pack - The Connoisseur Selection


A tea sampler pack consisting of 6 different Dan Cong oolong teas from the Phoenix mountain, Guangdong. When it comes to the range of flavours, Dan Cong oolong teas from the Phoenix mountain truly stand out. Often times it's hard to make a choice, because you want to taste it all. Well now you can, by ordering a dancong tea sampler consisting of 6 different samples (approx. 5.5g each).

Max 2 sets per order.

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Dan Cong teas are originated from Guangdong's Feng Huang (Phoenix) mountain. The Chinese in Guangdong are known for their appetitive for strong teas, and thus these Dark Oolongs are one of their favorites. Teasenz works with the most skilled tea masters of the region. By harvesting different cultivars and applying small variations in processing methodology, they're able to create a diversity of fragrances.

Our tea artist Xiao Mai has curated this sampler, and below you can find her notes:

  1. Huang Zhi Xiang (黄枝香): This Dan Cong tea is one of the best floral fruity style of teas you can find in China. Its leaves are harvested from large and old trees, which are packed with lots of flavour. The colour of the dry leaves are dark brown and it steeps a yellow tea soup with a rich floral aroma of yellow gardenia with hints of honey sweetness.
  2. Shui Xian (水仙): A truly delicious Shui Xian Dan Cong made from thick tea leaves that appear strong and thick. The dry tea colour is greenish-brown and it steeps a yellow orange tea soup with the flavour of caramel and narcissus flowers, which is very unique.
  3. Xing Ren Xiang / Almond (杏仁香): A special kind of Dan Cong tea consisting of somewhat curly, brown coloured dry leaves. It's fragrance of almond can't be found in any other kind of tea. This is a highly aromatic kind of tea with an very obvious natural sweetness.
  4. Ya Shi Xiang / Duck Shit (鸭屎香): Don't be confused by its name. There are many legends around this tea, explaining that the person who discovered this delicious tea, wanted to keep it just for himself. Hence, he gave it a rather unattractive name. However, this didn't work, because Ya Shi Xiang is one of the most popular Dan Cong teas today. Our Ya Shi Xiang brews a dark brown tea soup that is sweet, smooth, with a scent of honeysuckle flowers.
  5. Mi Lan Xiang / Honey Orchid (蜜兰香): Mi Lan Xiang or 'Honey Orchid' style Dan Cong is the number one most popular Dan Cong oolongs today. In fact, if you've never tried any Dan Cong, you should start with Mi Lan Xiang, make notes, and use it as a benchmark to compare it with other styles of Dan Cong tea. The tea soup is bright and shiny like sun and the aroma as you may expect has hints of honey and orchid flowers.
  6. Zhi Lan Xiang (芝兰香): At last, we have a wonderful Zhi Lan Xiang. This Dan Cong tea brews a dark orange colour tea soup with strong floral notes that reminds on of Tie Guan Yin, the texture is thick and smooth, and the after taste (hui gan) is excellent.

Content of our previous Dan Cong sampler:

  1. Zhi Lan Xiang (芝兰香): straight and slender leaves with a lovely sweet state combined with a flowery orchid aroma. Brews a bright yellow tea liquor.
  2. Yu Lan Xiang (玉兰香): with a light magnolia aroma. The tea tastes thick and the flavor lingers your mouth.
  3. Mi Lan Xiang (蜜兰香): an explosion of intense honey flavor in the mouth followed by a subtile fragrance of orchid flowers.
  4. Gui Hua Xiang (桂花香): brews a cup of oolong with the aroma of osmanthus flowers. The tea liquor is clear bright orange. The leaves of this Dan Cong are from 300 year old trees.
  5. Rou Gui (肉桂香): Enjoy an intensive flavor characterized by a cinnamon fragrance. The color is yellow-orangish. The flavor is intense, and the after taste is lingering sweet.

President Nixon: "Powerful"

Unlike green teas, each and every sample of Dancong in this tea has significant levels of caffeine. No wonder President Nixon described Dan Cong's as follows during a state visit in China: 'Powerful'

Origin: +100 Years Old Trees

The growing region of this oolong is located near the sea, and is characterized by a humid climate. Our Dan Cong teas are harvested 1000 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 20 C (68 F). These ideal conditions allow the leaves to be polyphenol rich and to be full of flavor. What's also noteworthy is that all 6 Dan Cong teas in this sampler are harvested from above 100 year old trees.

More Information
More Information
Steeping time 3 min
Steeping temperature 100 °C - 212 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 2-5 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) 2 tbsp
Harvest Year 2022
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content high
Tea Region Feng Huang (Phoenix) Mountain
Tea Province Guangdong
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 单从套餐

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