Rabbit Tea Pet - Bunny Tea Pet

Rabbit Tea Pet - Bunny Tea Pet

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A happy little rabbit tea pet sitting on cabbage. This cute bunny tea pet is made from a combination of white jade clay (Bai Yu Ni) and Duan Ni clay.
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At Teasenz we offer many tea pets for sale. Our gongfu tea pets include animals such as foxes, dogs, cats and of course this rabbit. Below we’ll discuss more about the meaning of this tea pet.

Rabbit Tea Pet Meaning

The rabbit is one of the 12 zodiac signs, and therefore a popular animal in China. In Chinese culture rabbits are associated with beauty, kindness and fertility. Rabbits are also associated with the moon, as they appear in the legend of Chang’e.

As for this particular bunny tea pet, the artist has added additional meaning by giving the it big smile on its face sitting on a cabbage. Cabbage in China is pronounced as ‘Bai Cai’, which sounds very similar to ‘100 wealth’. Hence, the artist calls has his artwork the name: ‘Zuo Di Sheng Cai’, which means ‘sitting on the ground, while getting rich’. Does that sound good to you? Then it’s time to buy this rabbit ceramic figure!

More Information
More Information
Material yixing clay
Measures approx. 6x5.2cm (2.4x2in)

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