Dried Lemon Tea Slices
Dried Lemon Tea Slices

Dried Lemon Tea Slices

The perfect high-concentrate Vitamin C ingredient for a healthy cup of lemon tea, cocktails, or even cooking. For an instant infusion, dried lemons are superior even to fresh lemons. Great to enjoy as an iced tea with honey, or add a slice to your green or black tea for additional taste.
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One lemon slice is about 2g in weight, which means that a 200g bag will contain about 100 slices. Please note that the average size and weight of lemon slices can differ per batch. Therefore, take this information as a conservative estimate only.

How is the taste of tea made from dried lemons only?

Many people enjoy the taste of tea made from dried lemons. Lemon is a digestive aid and is frequently used to cleanse the body of toxins. Due to the antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon, it is used to combat many kinds of afflictions from acne to nervous system disorders. It is also very helpful in balancing the body's pH levels because of the alkalizing properties. Some people prefer a sweeter taste to dried lemon tea. To achieve a sweet flavour in a natural way, you can add honey to your lemon tea.

How can adding dried lemons to loose teas be beneficial to the taste?

Lemon is commonly added to various drinks, including tea, to give a fresher flavour. For those preferring a stronger taste, dried lemons are a great alternative to using fresh. They are not diluted in water, and therefore offer a more potent taste.

The calming scent of lemon should not be underestimated, as it can be a powerful stress-reliever to sip such a fragrant tea. Many people find it to be an energizing smell that improves negative moods and lethargy.

More Information
More Information
Steeping time 3-4 min
Steeping temperature 100 °C - 212 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 2-5 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) n/a
Harvest Year 2021
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content caffeine free
Tea Region Various Villages
Tea Province Yunnan
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 柠檬片

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