Teasenz Tea Maker - Tea Sieve - Loose Tea Sifter with Lid

Teasenz Tea Maker - Tea Sieve - Loose Tea Sifter with Lid

This unique tea sieve with lid is made from premium stainless steel and comes in a all-round size that fits most mugs and teapots. The rubber finish makes sure you don't have to worry about burning your hands on the steel.

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You’re attached to your mug or teapot, but find it hard to steep a good cup of loose leaf tea with it? This leaf tea sifter can solve that challenge for you. It’s made in the shape of a basket that fits most teapots and mugs.

Brewing Tea Just Got So Much Better

Introducing this fine tea infuser made from premium stainless steel.

Fits 99% of the Mugs and Teapots

This loose tea sieve will fit any teapot or mug with an opening between 6 to 10 cm (2.35 to 3.95 in).

With Lid to Keep the Heat Inside

The lid as well as the infuser itself is finished with high end silicone rubber which doesn't only look good, but also makes you don't burn your hands on the steel while brewing tea. The lid is great, because it keeps the heat inside for a better infusion. But that's not it, turn the lid up side down to use it as a coaster for the infuser basket!

Premium Material, Timeless Design

The sieve for loose tea is made from premium stainless steel with a beautiful pattern of leaves through which the tea liquor flows into your teapot or mug. The mesh filter wouldn't let even let the smallest leaves through.

Instead of a cheap tea sifter from Walmart or a mediocre tea sieve from Amazon, this Teasenz exclusive infuser is finished with high grade silicone that allows you to hold the basket and the lid without burning your hands. Our tea experts have really thought about every detail to contribute to a perfect tea journey.

Wholesale Service

Do you want to resell this product? Or do you want a customised tea maker with your own logo? Contact us for more information.

More Information
More Information
Material silicone rubber, stainless steel
Measures 7.5x10.5cm; bottom diameter: 4.5cm ; top diameter (excluding handle): 7.3cm
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No

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