Semi-Handmade Yixing Zisha Teapot Set - Purple Clay Teapot with 2 Cups 190 ml / 6.4 oz

Semi-Handmade Yixing Zisha Teapot Set - Purple Clay Teapot with 2 Cups 190 ml / 6.4 oz

A semi-handmade Yixing purple clay teapot by the famous artist Fan Xijun. Excellent zisha teapot to get the best flavor out of your tea leaves. With 2 free tea cups and packed inside a gift box.

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Each zisha teapot is wrapped in a pouch inside a Chinese style gift box. In addition, you'll get a certificate of Authenticity with an official stamp of the artist Fan Xijun and 2 free tea cups! Limited amount of sets available.

yixing teapot in gift packaging

This Yixing teapot will greatly improve the flavor and a more lasting after taste of your brew. It can be used for any type of tea, but we recommend to use it for pu erh, black tea and oolongs. However, make sure to use the tea pot only for one tea type! If you drink different tea types, you should get several clay teapots and dedicate each to one type of tea.

This purple clay teapot is semi-handmade and relatively thick. It's heated at a temperature of about 1180 C (2156 F), resulting in a perfect shape. The pouring speed is excellent.

About Yixing and its history

Yixing is well-known for its scenic bamboo forest, water-eroded caves and natural landscapes earning 5 positions in the national heritage list of China. It was established in 221 B.C. during the Qin Dynasty (at that time called Yangxian). Later on it was renamed to renamed to Yixing which means 'loyalty and prosperity'.

About Zisha Clay and how it is processed

Zisha is a type of clay consisting of a mixture of kaolin, quartz and mica with high contents of iron oxide. The clay as a slighly sandy texture. The processing of this clay is complicated and it used to be kept a secret. Here's a summary:

  • Winning the clay from mines
  • Sun-drying
  • Pulverize the clay into fine substance
  • Isolate the finest particles by air screening
  • The separated fine clay is mixed with water resulting in a thick paste
  • This paste is piled and vacuum processed to remove bubbles.
  • The clay is now ready to be moulded in varies shapes and then baked in a 1100-1200 degree oven
More Information
More Information
Material zi ni (purple) yixing clay
Content Teapot: 190 ml / 6.4 oz, teacups: 50 ml / 1.7 oz
Measures Teapot: 12x7.5x8 cm / 4.7x3x3.2 in
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No
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