Wholesale Blooming Tea Supplier

Wholesale Blooming Tea Supplier

In the recent years we’ve seen an increasing interest in our blooming teas (a.k.a. flowering teas) from wholesale customers. Therefore, we’ve created this dedicated page to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Why Blooming Tea? A Growing Market

The market of artisan tea is growing faster than ever, and blooming teas are at the centre of this growth for several reasons:

  1. They’re remarkable because of the ‘blooming’ feature, easily catching the attention of beginning tea lovers. Thus, blooming tea pictures and videos can easily go viral.
  2. Blooming teas aren’t only attractive to look at, but they also have a wonderfully balanced taste of green tea and flowers.
  3. It’s one of the healthiest teas available combining the antioxidant rich green tea with a combination of health benefits that are derived from individual flowers.

Freshness & Harvest

We source our blooming teas mainly during the summer months as we’ll be able to secure the freshest flower harvest. Afterwards, our teas are stored in freezers to make sure they’re as fresh as the day they’re made.

However, there are also a few blooming teas that we do not offer for retail. These are only available in wholesale quantities. The processing time are longer as we’ve to order them from the farmer. If they’re in stock, we can ship them in as soon as 2 days. When there’s no stock it can take up to 5 working days as they’ve to be made fresh.

Size & Weight

Our flowering teas are hand stitched and may vary in weight and size. The size of the tea balls will generally be between 2 and 2.5 cm in diameter. The weight is generally between 8-10 gram, but may occasionally be lower or higher.

1 KG of blooming tea will contain about 110 pieces, though we do not guarantee an exact amount.


Whatever tea business you start, always try out samples and curate what you believe is the best. That isn’t different with blooming teas. At Teasenz, we’ve made it easy for you to order samples. On the product pages, you can simply select the 2 pieces sample option.

At this moment, we do not offer free samples. By asking a small fee for sampling, we do not have to mark-up our wholesale prices and therefore keep these competitive for you.

Wholesale Pricing

As with sampling, we’ve made it convenient for you to order wholesale quantities at an attractive bulk discount. To order, you simply select the 1 KG order on the product pages. The price displayed already includes a 20% discount on the retail package.

Besides the 20% wholesale discount, we also offer additional discounts on the whole shopping cart, when the total value exceeds certain thresholds. For more information regarding this offer, you can visit our general tea wholesale page.

These discounts will be automatically applied on the shopping cart. You won’t need a coupon. In case you do not see these discounts, please contact us.


For more information on shipping, please visit our shipping info page.

Do You Have More Types?

There's only a handful of flowers which are suitable for stitching into tea balls (jasmine, amaranth, lily etc). Though many more combinations are available, the most populair ones are already on our site. However, if you're looking for a specific blooming tea, please contact us, and we'll check if we can order it for you.

Individual Packaging

Our blooming teas are packed together into an aluminium pouch with zip closure. They are not individually packed. If you require special packaging per 1 or 2 tea balls, you may contact us. We request a small fee of between 10-20 USD per KG for individual packaging.

Private Labelling

At this moment we do not offer private labelling services for our blooming tea.