Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea "Bamboo Leaf Green", Ming Qian

Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea "Bamboo Leaf Green", Ming Qian

An early spring, premium grade Zhu Ye Qing from mount Emei. Experience a vegetal, mild, and creamy taste that brings you instant serenity, while the sweetness continues to linger in your mouth
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A top grade Zhu Ye Qing green tea, also known as the 'Bamboo Leaf Green', from scenic Mount Emei in Sichuan province.

Zhu Ye Qing is one of the earliest teas plucked each spring. With small yield and good quality, Zhu Ye Qing is therefore rare, desirable and pricey. The appearance of this famous Chinese green tea is beautiful and consists of young tea buds. They’re tiny, slim, flat and slightly curved, like baby bamboo leaves.


Zhu Ye Qin is a special kind of green tea that comes from Mount Emei (Emeishan). Located in Sichuan Province, Mount Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. The first Buddhist temple in China was built there.

Its striking beauty and spiritual importance inspired many poets and painters over the centuries. The towering mountain includes subtropical monsoon climate and subarctic climate. The region is home of more than 5,000 species of plants and animals. Due to its cultural and natural significance, this scenic area was designated a World Heritage Site in 1996.

History of Zhu Ye Qing

Surrounded by mists and clouds most of the year, Mt. Emei has more than 1000 years of tea production history. The nourishing moisture and the soil contribute to a series of famous teas, such as Emei Xue Ya, Emei Mao Feng, and of course our Zhu Ye Qing. Although it is a well-known Chinese green tea, Zhu Ye Qing has a short history. It didn’t have a name until 1964.

Back then, the former Foreign Minister Chen Yi visited Mount Emei. During his stay in Wannian Temple, the monks offered him this tea. He was impressed by the taste of it and asked for its name. The monks explained that this was a local tea without a name.

Chen Yi looked at the tea leaves, said that they shaped like baby bamboo leaves, and the taste reminded him of bamboo shoots. So he gave this tea the name “Zhu Ye Qing”, meaning “green bamboo leaf” in Chinese.

The outstanding quality of Zhu Ye Qing brought it a gold medal at 1985 International Food Exposition. It also obtained the first prize in the 6th “China Tea Cup”, a high quality tea appraisal event by the China Tea Science Society in 2005.

Health Benefits

Due to the young buds, Zhu Ye Qing is even healthier than other green teas. It contains more antioxidants and lowers the risk of cancer, stroke and heart diseases. It is also believed to help in lowering blood pressure, preventing tooth decay, and boosting immunity.

More Information
More Information
Steeping time 4 min
Steeping temperature 75 °C - 167 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 3 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) 0.5 tbsp
Harvest Year 2022
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content medium
Tea Region Emei Mountain
Tea Province Sichuan
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 竹叶青
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