Yixing Tea Caddy - Zisha Clay Tea Storage Jar

Yixing Tea Caddy - Zisha Clay Tea Storage Jar


An Yixing tea caddy fully manually made by female tea artist Fan Jingrong. Enjoy the features of authentic Long Xue Sha (Red Dragon clay) that doesn't only keeps your tea fresh, but its extra breathability also removes unpleasant aromas! Size: 11x10cm (4.3x3.9in). Baked at 1160 ºC (2120 ºF).

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  • Make from long xue sha clay: a less sticky, but more breathable type of clay.
  • Large opening makes it easy to store and take out tea.
  • Classic and timeless shape.
  • Fully manually handmade with obsessive attention to detail.
  • The ultimate storage solution for pu erh, oolong or black tea.

Yixing (zisha) clay is often used to create teapots due to their excellent heat preservation feature. What is less known is that this clay type has excellent dry leaf preservation features and therefore also used to create Yixing tea caddies.

Awakening pu erh tea

Pu erh tea lovers also love to use an Yixing tea caddy for awakening long-term stored tea. You simply need to break the compressed tea cake into smaller pieces using a tea knife and then store it for 2-6 weeks. Because zisha clay is porous it will allow for some amount of air circulation inside the caddy allowing the leaves to air freely and release the unpleasant aroma resulting from pile-fermenting.

Other suitable teas

Given it’s porous nature, this caddy is also suitable for black tea and oolong tea. Green and white teas have delicate aromas that can be negatively affected by Yixing and should be stored in more airtight & smell free storage jars.

More Information
More Information
Material yixing clay
Content n/a
Measures Approx. 11x10cm (4.3x3.9in)
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No
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