Walnut Wood & Shells Tea Tray

Walnut Wood & Shells Tea Tray


An ecological wooden tea tray that utilises beautiful cross-sectional patterns of walnut shells with a sturdy and strong walnut wood base. This is world’s first tea tray made from recycled walnut shells!

  • Size approx:17.3x3.3cm (6.8x1.3in)
  • Material: walnut wood & walnut shells
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Great for travel

As tea is becoming a life style, tea enthusiasts love to bring their favourite teas along their journeys together with portable teaware. Large tea trays aren’t practical. In contrast, this wooden tea tray easily fits in a small backpack!

Simply beautiful

At last, tea trays are some times simply beautiful to use as a teapot stand. Such display stands can give your tea brewing vessel, whether it’s a teapot or gaiwan, a beautiful home. Hence, trays are nowadays part one’s overall home interior or dedicated tea spaces.

Why Walnut Wood & Walnut Shells?

Walnut wood is used for the base of this tea tray. Walnut wood is stiff, hard, dense and also shock resistant. This mades it the perfect material for this wooden tray.

Sliced, polished, and square-cut walnut shells are then applied on the top to offer a beautiful cross-sectional view of its natural patterns. What a wonderful idea of re-using walnut shells that are normally just discarded! The space between walnut shells can catch small amounts of spilled tea liquor. Note, it's not water proof, so too much tea liquor between the shells will cause the tray to leak.

Due to the use of natural materials, every tray is different, and you will own your own unique handcrafted tea tray.

Maintaining your wooden tray

  • After using the wooden tea tray, you may rinse it, and dry it with a cloth.
  • The wood materials are water resistant, but do not leave it wet for a long time to avoid mold.
  • Do not wash in a dishwater.
  • Maintain the natural look of the wood and avoid it drying out, by applying olive or vegetable oil on the wooden surface once in a while. This will bring out its natural colours.
  • Do not expose the wooden tea tray to the sun for a long time to avoid the wood becoming too dry.
  • You may use a brush to clean space between the walnut shells if rinsing isn’t enough.
More Information
More Information
Material wood
Measures 17.3x3.3cm (6.8x1.3in)
Dishwasher Safe No
Microwave Safe No
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