Turtle Tea Pet - Auspicious Turtle Clay Figure

Turtle Tea Pet - Auspicious Turtle Clay Figure

A cute turtle tea pet that radiates positive energy during your tea sessions.
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Our tea pet is made from dark zisha clay with lots of small details. Even the bottom of their feet and belly have these little details that makes this turtle tea pet just a wonderful companion. You may use it as a tea pet, or even have it hold tea tools on its back or a teapot lid on its head.

Turtle Tea Pet in Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui is about creating harmony in one’s surrounding environment. Turtles are important figures that bring positive energy as according to Chinese Feng Shui.

Turtles are highly relevant for better Feng Shui as it’s one of the 4 compass animals, representing the Northern direction. Thus, always put your turtle on your tea table facing north, and its golden shield will bring you health, luck and career success.

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More Information
Material yixing clay
Measures 7.5x5x6.5cm (3x2x2.5 in)

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