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Dayi’s Gao Shan Yun Xiang pu erh teas have been popular for many years. Sip this tea and feel the difference. It’s a highly unique pu erh tea with its own unique character. Fanatic pu erh collectors are enthusiastic about it’s full flavour, strong ‘chaqi’, and it’s daring character that words can’t explain. The Dayi tea masters poetically describe its taste as ‘a beautiful rhyme that coordinates seamlessly with the sound of nature and high mountain rivers streams’, hence the name ‘High Mountain Rhyme’.

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<![CDATA[2014 Hu Po Fang Zhuan ‘Amber Brick’ - Menghai Dayi Ripe Pu Erh Tea Brick 60g]]> https://www.teasenz.com/hu-po-fang-zhuan

Prying of a piece of pu erh with a tea knife is too much of a hassle for you? Get this Dayi brick and you’ll only have to break a piece off with your hand. Nope, you won’t need a scale, one piece (6-7 grams) is exactly what you need to start your tea session. Perfect when you’re in a lazy mood or when you’re at work.

This 'Hu Po Fang Zhuan' which literally means 'Amber Square Brick' was first introduced by the Dayi tea factory in 2013. During that year this brick became a direct hit. Not only does it brew a wonderful amber colored tea, it also offers a thick and smooth texture that many ripe pu erh lovers enjoy. Over the past years, Dayi has continuously improved the recipe further and as a result this amber square brick as continued to gain fans.

If you don't know what pu erh tea to choose, this Hu Po Fang Zhuan is a safe buy. The taste is loved by a large audience and it's excellent value for money: A piece is good for up to 3 infusions in a large mug, or 14 infusions in a gaiwan!

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<![CDATA[2016 Autumn Pasha Gushu - Gu Hua Gu Shu Pu Erh Tea Cake 200g]]> https://www.teasenz.com/pasha-mountain-gu-shu

Typically, Spring teas are thicker and stronger than Autumn teas. Yet, this Autumn raw pu erh is an exception. The leaves of this cake from trees in Pasha mountain (1700m) that are several hundred years old. The key is that the trees are only harvested twice a year, allowing the leaves to accumulate more flavour and nutrition.

Just look at the appearance of the cake, and you can see that the meaty leaves got the care they deserve. They’re manually compressed with a more evenly tightness in every part of the cake.

If you’re up for a surprise, the flavours and aroma of this pu erh is on a completely different level compared to regular pu erh. It has a wonderful hui gan and its deed flavours are mind elevating.

After our tasting session, we yet again confirm that the wet leaves are fatty and have great elasticity. All signs that confirm we’ve found ourselves a small batch of pu erh with unlimited aging potential.

About Pasha

‘Pasha’ means ‘tall and straight’ in the local Aini tongue. According to locals, the Pasha area was established in 18th century by men and women from Jinghong and Damenglong area in Yunnan. Before they settled there, the area had no villages or cultivated land. The area was mountainous and filled with large ancient trees. Yet, the first Aini people settled there due to the fertile soil that allowed them to cultivate different crops and harvest tea for a living. The tea growing area is around a elevation of 1700m. Due to the powerful soil and an ideal climate, the trees in Pasha are known for there early budding and long harvest period.

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<![CDATA[Calming Chrysanthemum Tea - Tai Ju Hua Cha]]> https://www.teasenz.com/chrysanthemum-flower-tea

Steep these calming Chrysanthemum buds a flowery cup of tea or make it part of a tea blend such as this traditional Chrysanthemum Goji tea in the video below!


What are the health benefits of Calming Chrysanthemum Tea?

Chinese people drink loose chrysanthemum tea to decrease body heat and drink during meals to help digest food. However, recent scientific studies find out health benefits of loose chrysanthemum tea far exceed these. Chrysanthemum tea is known to clear head colds and alleviate sinusitis pains. This is due to the vitamin C content of the tea. It is also antiviral in nature and thus a reliever of head congestion which are often viral infections. In addition, chrysanthemum tea naturally lacks caffeine which makes it resistant to caffeine-induced side effects such as anxiety, irritability and nervousness.

Furthermore, chrysanthemum tea is known for its stimulating properties and is thus used to refresh the brain and alert the senses. It energizes all the senses in a jiffy and also calms them down for better and clear perception. Finally, the benefits of drinking chrysanthemum tea includes soothing sore throats and helping to cure red/itchy eyes, dry, fluid-deficient eyes, and dark spots in the eye region.

Shennong (author 'chajing') about this tea: “protracted taking may disinhibit the blood and qi, make the body light, slow aging, and prolong life.”

What is the difference between Chrysanthemum tea and Chamomile tea?

Both chamomile and chrysanthemum are in the same plant family: Asteraceae. Chamomile is produced in the West while Chrysanthemum is produced in the East.

How to steep Calming Chrysanthemum Tea?

It's recommended  to steep Chrysanthemum tea with a covered glass teapot. Use about 2 teaspoons for every 500ml of water. Steep with hot water at 95°c for 4-5 minutes for the first and second brewing. Increase time for further brews.

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<![CDATA[Genmaicha - Brown Rice Green Tea - Xuan Mi]]> https://www.teasenz.com/genmaicha-tea

Genmaicha, also known as brown rice tea, was originally created by the Japanese and mainly consumed by the poor. Roasted rice is blended with the tea to reduce the price, which is why this tea is also called the 'people's tea'. Today, the processing of brown rice tea has been further perfected and loved by all layers of society.

The glucose and starch from the rice results in a very easy to drink, flavour-rich tea with the taste of nuts and popcorn.

Recommend for Asian/Japanese Restaurants

Given that one cup requires just 3 grams, you can brew up to 170 cups of tea when sourcing our 500g pack of Genmaicha. Excellent for a low cost serving of brown rice green tea in an Japanese/Asian restaurant.

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<![CDATA[Menghai 7542 Tea - 2017 Dayi / TaeTea Sheng Pu Erh Tea Cake (150g/5.3oz)]]> https://www.teasenz.com/menghai-7542-tea

  • 150g / 5.3oz sheng pu erh tea cake.
  • Processed based on traditional Menghai 7542 tea recipe.

Menghai 7542: The 4 popular numbers in the world of pu erh

7542, these 4 digits mean a lot to a Yunnan tea cake fan. You probably found this page because you’re specifically looking for a cake made according to this recipe. Whether you’re looking for a 7542 cake for further aging or direct consumption, you really can’t go wrong with this 2011 Menghai cake.

‘7542 Tea’ Explained

If you’re new in the world of pu erh cakes then you might wonder what the 7542 code actually refers to. It’s actually pretty simple: The first two digits ’75’ stands for the year the recipe was created. The 3rd digit refers to the size of the leaves used. In this case it’s the number ‘4’ meaning that this Dayi cake consists of smaller leaves (and more buds). At last, the last digit ‘2’ refers to the factory, which is the famous Menghai tea factory. Today, 7542 recipe is so popular that it’s often seen as a benchmark to compare other recipes.

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<![CDATA[Menghai 7572 Tea Cake - 2017 Ripe Dayi Pu Erh Tea (150g/5.3oz)]]> https://www.teasenz.com/menghai-7572-tea

  • A 2017 Menghai 7572 pu erh carefully stored for further ripened under perfect conditions.
  • Directly sourced from Dayi factory means guaranteed authenticity.
  • Processed based on the classic Menghai 7572 recipe.
  • Each cake individually wrapped and packed in a carton box.

What does 7572 stand for?

7572 is a code that stands for a recipe/blend for a pu erh tea. The first two numbers ’75’ refers to the year a recipe was first introduced. The third number ‘7’ stands for the type of leaves used. This can range from 0-9 depending on the size of the leaves. In this case it’s 7, meaning that relatively large leaves are used. Finally, the last digit stands for the factory where the cake is made. In this case number ‘2’ stands for the Menghai tea factory. See below the full list of factories:

  • #1: Kunming Tea Factory
  • #2: Menghai Tea Factory
  • #3: Xiaguan Tea Factory
  • #4: Puer Tea Factory

Should I buy a cake from a famous factory?

There’s no right answer to this. The quality of the cakes from one of the large factories is often more stable, and the pricing is more transparent. With small brands or white labels, it’s more tricky, but there's a chance you find a really good deal. For the latter, you do need advanced tasting skills to judge the quality. What’s also worthy to note is that no matter how good the raw material is, carefully storing pu erh tea might even make a bigger difference over time. Fortunately, you can rely on us for making sure you’re ordering a cake that’s is aged under good conditions.

Do you offer wholesale service?

Yes, it’s possibly to order wholesale online from us. For this tea cake it’s the best to order 46 pieces, because that’s exactly what fits in the box, perfect for save shipping and further storage.

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Special Expires On: Nov 29, 2018

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<![CDATA[Yunnan Gold Tea]]> https://www.teasenz.com/yunnan-gold-tea


Our Yunnan Gold is the highest grade of Dian Hong tea from Yunnan. Different from other Dian Hong teas, this version contains lots of golden tips, brewing a golden orange cup with raw honey flavour. An excellent alternative to the Keemun of Anhui and Lapsang Souchong of Fujian with a highly distinctive taste.

Buy your bag of Yunnan Gold today and taste the sweet tippy leaves from the ancient tea trees. Good for multiple steeps. Drink it pure or even use it to brew and ferment a high end kombucha.


Though Yunnan is the birthplace of tea with thousands of years of history in pu erh tea production, the very first black tea from this region dates back less than 100 years ago. Black wasn’t produced until 1939 when the first Dian Hong tea was successfully processed in Fengqing.

Health Benefits

  • Diuretic effect: the combination of caffeine and other substances in this tea get rid of toxics and decrease excessive amount of salt. The latter is often related to the hyper tension. When consumed in moderation, it could also helps against heart diseases.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: polyphenols in black tea can reduce inflammation and infection. The leaves in a tippy golden black tea like Yunnan Gold will even contain more polyphenols. This is why the leaves are also used in some region in China to coat wounds. In addition, it’s often consumed in situations of food poisoning.
  • Detoxification effect: tea polyphenols also at the same time can absorb and get rid of heavy metals and alkaloids found in modern food. Eliminating fatigue: caffeine in black tea has a longer-term effect (though less intense) and is therefore more effective in reducing tiredness and improving focus. It also increases blood flow and thereby improve the digestion of food.
  • Tooth health: believe it or not, drinking Yunnan Gold can strengthen your teeth! The downside is that black tea can potentially stain your teeth, so you’ll have to brush at least twice a day to keep them white.

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Special Expires On: Nov 29, 2018

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