Chicken Gongfu Tea Set, Antique Style: Teapot, Cups, Pitcher & Filter

Chicken Gongfu Tea Set, Antique Style: Teapot, Cups, Pitcher & Filter

This tea set is made as according to the famous Ming Dynasty Chenghua style. Let the simple, yet captivating artwork on the tea set take you back to the ancient oriental times.
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  • This Chinese tea set comes with 1 teapot, 1 pitcher, 1 strainer holder, and 6 cups, enough for preparing tea with lots of tea friends!
  • This tea set is baked at 1300ºC in the oven, the result is a quaint tea set has an impeccable and fine enamel with excellent durability.
  • The artwork looks beautiful and when you're using this tea set, it almost feels that it's 'alive'.

Chenghua Style Chicken Tea Set

This Chenghua Style chicken tea set has a particular value in Chinese history of art. Chenghua is the reign title of the eighth emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Researchers conclude that the purpose of painting chickens was based on two reasons:

  • The year of the chicken was the starting year of the reign, and;
  • The words "chicken" and "auspicious" share the same tone 'ji' in Chinese.

The style got so popular that the future generations continuous to make tea accessories using the chicken theme. Even the shape of the cup got popular, which is characterized by short shape with a wide opening and a broad bottom. On the outer side of the tea set, we can see the painting of hens, roosters and chicks, with mountain stones, orchids and peonies flowers as complementary decorations.

Record Auction: Mr Liu and Chicken Cup, Wiki

In 2014, original Meiyintang chicken cup was auctioned by Sotheby's for 36 million $. It was purchased by Mr. Liu and what was noticeable was that he swiped his American Express card 24 times to pay for the cup. But the way of payment wasn't what's shocking. In fact, later on pictures of Mr. Liu and his chicken cup emerged online in social media, showing that he was actually sipping tea from the precious cup, of which only 19 pieces are known to exist in the world.

Obviously, the tea set you're seeing on this page isn't the original teaware from the Ming Dynasty, but you'll find that this set is exceptionally high quality, and you won't feel sorry sipping from it!

More Information
More Information
Material porcelain
Content Teapot: 150ml; Pitcher: 140ml; Cups: 6x45ml
Measures Teapot: 9.8x7x14.5cm; Pitcher: 8x7cm; Cups: 6.4x3.2; Strainer: 7.6x5.6cm
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe Yes
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