Red Dragon Pearls - Black Dragon Pearl Tea

An unusual black tea hand-rolled into pearls. This fantastically bold brew offers up all the flavors of a crisp autumn day with just one pearl. With complex malty flavors and a clean sweet finish.

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This rare spring harvested tea in the shape of pearls steeps a full-bodied infusion. Each pearl is made of hand-picked leaves and golden buds that are manually processed into their gem-like form.

Our Black Dragon Pearl tea from Yunnan has an exquisitely smooth body and releases a sweet and malty flavor when it elegantly unfurls in your cuppa. Good for multiple infusions, perfect as a morning or afternoon tea.


Red Dragon Pearls (Also known as 'Black Dragon Pearl Tea') are originated from Fengqing, Yunnan. It's believed to be the birthplace of tea, and the oldest wild grown tea tree discovered is about 1,700 years old. Yunnan's most senior cultivated tree is a relative youngster - a mere 800 years old. These are the large leaf tea varieties - Camellia Sinensis Assamica - which is also cultivated in India. Yunnan also has the distinction of producing more black tea than any other part of China, although it's a relative newcomer to this variety. Black tea was first produced here in 1939, and is distinguished by its unique peppery, earthy and sometimes cacao-like flavor.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Steeping time 5 min
Steeping temperature 95 °C - 200 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 1 pc
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) n/a
Tea Year 2020
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content high
Tea Region Fengqing Village
Tea Province Yunnan
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 红龙珠
Customer Reviews (5)
I drink this almost everyday
I use about 5-6 grams in a 24oz teapot, steep for 5 min. at 200F. It has a very supple mouth feel, a rich earthy flavour with slightly smoky undertones. This has become my go-to morning tea for the work week. Review by EJC (Posted on 2/21/2018)
I've never seen a black tea pearls before. In Poland there are lots of black tea types, but most of them are just in typical bags. I like the taste, and the price. You can use just a few pearls for a kettle and it will be enough.
As you can see, after they expand, the leaves used here are nice, and the quality is really good.
Review by IgnisS (Posted on 5/15/2016)
Wow boy did they expanded! 2 little pearls fluffed out into a nice pile of full long leaves. I take a sip. Deep dark chocolate washes over my tongue. Yum! It's rich and almost has a thick mouth feel. It has very little astringency. It's just smooth and delightful.

This tea make me want to cuddle up with a book and a fuzzy blanket, even though it's almost 80 degrees outside! It's funny how a good tea can completely transport you to another world in just a sip.

The second steep was a bit more subdued, more milk chocolate than dark but still magical.
Review by Frolic (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Dark chocolate deliciousness!
How I love pearls and here are some really delicious pearls. I’ve tried a few, and these are really nice. I went with five of these larger pearls (though Teasenz suggests one pearl) in a 12 ounce mug, black and gold leaves wrapped tightly. These are called “red” but Teasenz is from China and China likes to call their black teas red. This is Yunnan tea which is one of my favorite types of black tea. I went with a short rinse with boiled water then steeped for two minutes. The color of the cup is actually a luscious red. The flavor is deep dark chocolate, with hints of maple or brown sugar. Perfect level of depth and briskness. The second steep was very nice too, as the leaves were completely unraveled, maybe just not as chocolate as the first cup. The cup actually looked like some milk chocolate had been melted in the mug. Very delicious – one of the most delicious types of teas. If these were the first pearls I tried, I would have fell in love instantly. And I’m remembering how much I love them now. I wouldn’t have any problem stocking these as the pearls in my cupboard! Many of the pearls seem like they could be from the same source, since most of them are from Yunnan, but these are some of the best I’ve tried.
Steep #1 // just boiled // rinse // 2 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 4 min
Review by C (Posted on 8/19/2014)
I am addicted
I got a sample of this tea from a friend, and then ordered a bag directly from Teasenz. It's safe to say now that I'm completely addicted.

This is just such a lovely black tea! You can taste chocolate, malt, and a some honey notes in each blend, and it keeps getting better with each brew (unlike tea bags that are just good for one time).

Highly recommended!
Review by Tea Dragon Girl (Posted on 9/30/2013)
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