Pu'er Pomelo! - 2008 You Zi Cha - Puerh Cha Aged in a Pomelo 330g

Full-bodied and earthy, yet pleasantly sweet, with grapefruit citrus notes. A pu erh tea aged in a pomelo peel for a naturally infused citrus essence. Enjoy this intense dark-red tea liquor brought to you by true Yunnan pu erh tea masters.
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If you like our wild orange pu'er, then we want to take you to the next level with this interesting pu'er tea packed in a pomelo skin, infusing the aging tea with a unique flavor. The presentation of this tea is just irresistable, making it the perfect choice as a gift for any pu'er tea lover. 

How is this pomelo pu'er made?

This tea is made by first cutting open the top of the pomelo and then scooping it out. Afterwards, this exotic fruit is filled with a mix of pu'er tea leaves, pomelo flesh and licorice root before it gets steamed multiple times. As a result the taste and aroma of the pomelo and licorice is infused into the tea through processing and aging, giving the brewed tea a unique flavor.

How does this You Zi Cha (Pomelo Pu'er Tea) taste?

The taste of this pu'er tea is intense with notes of citrus. For added citrus taste you can add a bit of the pomelo skin during the infusion. In Chinese medicine, pomelo is typically used for fighting of a cold, sore throat or improve digestion.

What is a pomelo?

The pomelo (also know as pummelo, pommelo, or shaddock) is a crisp citrus fruit originally from South and Southeast Asia. Usually it's pale green to yellow when it's ripe. The pomelo is the largest citrus fruit of all with a 15 to 25 cm or 5.9 to 9.8 inch in diameter. Usually a pomelo fruit weights about 1 to 2 kg (2.2 to 4.4 lb)

Additional Info
Additional Info
Steeping time Gaiwan / yixing teapot: 2 x rinse; 10s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, etc
Steeping temperature 100 °C - 212 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 2-5 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) 1.5 tbsp
Tea Year 2008
Tea Season Autumn
Tea Caffeine Content low
Tea Region Xishuangbanna
Tea Province Yunnan
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 柚子普洱茶
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