Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

A super fine Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) white tea scented with the exotic fragrance of fresh Jasmine flowers. This Jasmine silver tips tea is fully hand picked and traditionally processed.
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  • Juicy Silver Needle buds that steep a sweet and subtle Chinese white tea.
  • Fully absorbed the fragrance of 100% naturally grown, high mountain blossoms of Jasmine.
  • A delicious tea to detox and unwind. A gentle partner for your relaxing moments.

For those who simply can't choose between the the alluring aroma of Jasmine tea and the fine taste of authentic white tea tips, this Jasmine Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is without doubt the delightful brew that you're looking for. And as it's sourced straight from the origin (Fujian), we're able to offer you not only the best quality, but also an unbeatable price. Buy online today, so you don't miss out on the authentic Chinese tea experience!

More Information
More Information
Steeping time 3-4 min
Steeping temperature 85 °C - 185 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 2-5 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) 1.5 tbsp
Harvest Year 2021
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content low
Tea Region Fuding
Tea Province Fujian
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 茉莉银针
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