Chinese Horse Tea Pet, Yixing Zhuni Clay

Chinese Horse Tea Pet, Yixing Zhuni Clay

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An elegant horse tea pet made in a minimalistic and modern shape. This horse tea pet is beautifully hand-crafted from Zhuni clay.

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What is a Horse Tea Pet?

A tea pet is a small clay figurine that is popular in China. Tea pets are typically made from Yixing clay and are meant to be kept as good luck charms. They are often used as decorations for tea houses and are also popular gifts. However, they're most often used to accompany tea drinkers during their tea sessions. When they're nourished regularly with tea, the surface of the tea pets will become more smooth and shiny over time.

Horse symbolism

Horses are often seen as symbols of freedom, power, and grace around the world. In many countries including China, they are also associated with strength and courage. However, to horse lovers, they are considered loyal and passionate companions. As keeping and riding horses isn't as popular in China as abroad, we don't often see tea pets in the form of horses.

More Information
More Information
Material yixing clay
Measures approx. 5.8x7cm (2.3x2.8in)

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