Hand Painted Tea Cups 'Calligraphy Masters' - Blue and White Porcelain Tea Cup Set of 4 (40 ml)

4 fine blue and white tea cups set made from porcelain displaying hand painted traditional Chinese characters in Chinese calligraphy style.

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  • Beautiful tea cups set of 4 for a slow afternoon tea tasting session.
  • Unique hand painted blue calligraphy character on each white cup.
  • The low height but large surface allows tea to cool down faster. In addition, it's great for convenient observation of the tea liquor color as well as appreciating the tea aroma.
  • The small and flat shape allows the tea to cool in just a matter of seconds. Perfect for traditional Chinese tea sessions serving small portions every round.

Characters meaning

‘道’ (Dao): 'the way' or 'philosophy' ‘悟’ (Wu): 'awakening', 'realization', or 'understanding (禅) (Chan): 'meditation' or 'meditative state' refers to a type of Buddhism gradually developed in China starting from the 6th century. It spread to other Asian countries including Japan, where it is known as 'zen' today. ‘静’ (Jing): 'calmness', 'peace', 'tranquility', and 'serenity'.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Material porcelain
Measures 7 x 2 cm; 2.75 x 0.79 in - 40 ml (1.35 oz) fluid content
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Microwave Safe No
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