2015 Haiwan 'Liang Xian Pin' Gushu Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake, Lao Tong Zhi 400g

2015 Haiwan 'Liang Xian Pin' Gushu Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake, Lao Tong Zhi 400g

A raw pu erh developed and blended by perhaps the single most reputable person in the industry: Zou Bing Liang. Formerly co-founder of Menghai Tea Factory and today founder and CEO of the Haiwan Tea Factory. Made from top-grade Ming Qian leaves of Gelanghe, Bulang, Lincang and Jinggu mountain and 100% traditionally processed.
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Pu Erh Master Mr. Zou Bing Liang (邹炳良)

This premium-grade tea cake was elaborately developed and blended by Zou Bing Liang, the Haiwan Tea founder himself. He is awarded and recognized by the industry as the “Master of Lifelong Achievement of Chinese Pu Erh Tea”. Zou dedicated his whole life to the pu erh industry, contributing to the post-war revival, innovation, and even the development of the wet-piling method (to produce ripe pu erh). He may be the single most respected individual of today's professional pu erh circles.

Zou first earned his reputation as the co-founder of the prestigious Dayi tea brand (Menghai Tea Factory). After leading the Menghai Tea Factory for more than two decades, he went on his own and started the Haiwan Tea Factory. Overseeing the development and production of Haiwan products, Zou has built a reputable brand, of which its quality is recognized industry wide.

Liang Xian Pin (良闲品) Tea Cake

The leaves used for this tea cake were carefully selected from the ancient tree (gu shu) tea regions, including Gelanghe, Bulang Mountain, Lincang and Jinggu. All leaves are hand-picked early spring (Ming Qian) at an elevation of 1700 to 1900m, and kneaded by hand in the traditional way.

The name of the series cleverly used the character Liang (良), which represents the last character of its creator's name (Zou Bing Liang). In addition, ‘Liang’ in Chinese also means ‘good in quality’.

Appearance & Taste

  • Refined cotton paper packaging with traditional Chinese calligraphy design.
  • The cake is compact and neat with silver tips and nice rounded edge.
  • The brewed tea color is yellow and bright.
  • The taste is rich and delicate with long-lasting aftertaste.
  • Brewed leaves are similar-sized and smooth

Storage Method: Keep the tea cake in a clean, ventilated, dark and odorless place.

More Information
More Information
Steeping time Gaiwan / yixing teapot: 1 x rinse; 10s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, etc
Steeping temperature 90 °C - 195 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 6 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) n/a
Harvest Year 2015
Tea Season Spring
Tea Caffeine Content medium
Tea Region Various Villages
Tea Province Yunnan
Gluten-free yes
Tea in Chinese 老同志良闲品普洱茶

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