Handmade Green Clay Yixing Teapot - Round Xi Shi Hu Teapot 240ml

A green clay (Tian Qing Ni) Yixing teapot by Yixing artist Hao Nian De. It comes in a classic, but slightly flatter ‘Xi Shi’ shape. Oven fired at 1100°C.
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Oven baking Tian Qing clay at 1100°C results in the creation of Yixing teapots that range from dark green to dark blue. Because every teapot will be unique, the colour might be different from the the one displayed on this page. If you aren't sure, feel free to contact us, and we'll send you pictures of the current teapots in stock.

Authentic green clay (Tian Qing ni)

This teapot is made from authentic green clay that is known in China as ‘Tianqing’ clay. Green clay type has become popular in the recent years.

Tianqing clay is characterised by moderate viscosity and higher than usual density.

Due to the excellent quality of green clay, it’s not strange that many fake Yixing teapots with artificial colouring has appeared on the market. Our green clay teapot is made from authentic clay and its authenticity verified by Teasenz.

Flat round shape Xi Shi Hu

Unlike classic a Xi Shi shape (named after one of the ‘four famous beauties’ in China), which is almost as round as a ball, the artist Hao Nian De is specialised in hand-making flat Xi Shi teapots. It brews tea as well as Xi Shi, but the signature shape allows for a better pouring experience even with a short spout.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Clay type Tian qing ni clay
Content 240 ml (8 oz)
Measures approx. 13x5x6.7cm (5x2x2.6 in)
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